Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 1
300575 Networked Systems Intention:
Netfruit Intention Ordinance 2020S1
DUE DATE: Friday 5 June 2020 by 17:00 (Patience via vUWS)
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 2
Overview and Objectives
In this ordinance you get intention an execution flake netfruit using the skills and referable attributable attributableice gained in this
ace and its prerequisites. This ordinance is referable attributable attributable attributable a trifling drudgery. To entire it as outlined with adequate the demandd
documentation get be a telling drudgery.
The ordinance scenario describes in open victualss, the netfruit that is to be intentioned. Aftercited the
scenario, the ordinance is docile into a enumeadmonish of minoritys (phases), each of these phases has a minute
list of capacitys. It is redundant to unravel and learn each capacity to find unquestioning that the ordinance
is entired precisely.
The aftercited drudgerys are demandd to entire the ordinance:
• Intention the netfruit using the diagram and related capacitys
• Simulate and experiment the netfruit using the netfruit vaunter instrument Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1)
• Correctly shape uncombined area OSPF protocol
• Correctly shape VLANs and 802.1q massing
• Correctly shape PPP and PPPoE
• Correctly shape DHCP
• Correctly shape GRE
• Correctly shape NAT and PAT
• Originate and devote arrival restrain lists on the embezzle coursers and interfaces
• Verify that adequate figures are operational and functioning according to the scenario pilotlines
• Prepare documentation and figure finishs as minute in the aftercited minoritys and phases.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 3
MegaCon is a fraternity grounded in the Campbelltadmit area. Recently, they entertain opened another condition at
Parramatta which get be manifestationd to subsistence a enumeadmonish of engineers. Consequently the engineers are frequently
required at customer conditions, they are expected to be started sepaadmonish from the Parramatta function ample of the term.
The calling has discloseed quickly; a scaleimony of concept has been originated, the infrastructure intention has been
adapted and past engineers entertain been psecond to flake the consequence. This odd pattern get demand a larger
colonization coercion day-to-day skillful-treatment as courteous-mannered-mannered as a enumeadmonish of protect joinions betwixt residence colonizations of
newly appointed staff.
It is your drudgery to analyse adequate the capacitys and to disclose a news that specifies the implementation of the
requirements, gift realistic alternatives where likely (Final News). This news get be manifestationd as the basis
coercion a redeveloped netfruit as MegaCon grows.
Your get be demandd to strand experiment the intention to prepare a “testimony of concept” to enunquestioning your disruption get cater
to MegaCon’s deficiencys. This is an redundant stride consequently it is redundant to learn if the disruption get fruit
correctly anteriorly committing contractually to delivering this sketch. Strand experimenting in this appearrence get be done with
Cisco’s software emulation bundle, Packet Tracer Rendering 7.2.1.
Being a growing fraternity, the commandadmonish netfruit topology was reasonable a uncompounded courser, switch and internet
connection. With the quick development generated through hiring discloseers, MegaCon has managed by
purchasing appended switches and daisy chaining them to originate a uncombined downright network.
MegaCon’s Netfruit Capacitys
Scalable intention which get qualify calling paraphrase.
Seamless joinivity betwixt their ocean campus at Campbelltadmit (Cam1, Cam2 and Cam3) and the oddly
opened function at Parramatta (Par).
Protect message to darken storage colonization (reached via ISP).
MegaCon’s Internet Service Preparer (In-Tel) get be providing a WAN disruption and get be supplying your class
with peculiar referableice and local figure to befriend with strand experimenting.
Technical consultants entertain befriended MegaCon in translating the aggravate netfruit capacitys into the aftercited
sections, which comprise technical capacitys you deficiency to conglutinate into the disruption.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 4
Minority 1: Basic Network
Figure 1: Basic netfruit diagram (projected topology)
Basic Figure Capacitys
• Shape symbol indicates as shadmit in the topology.
• Disable DNS lookup.
• Disable HTTP on adequate coursers and switches.
• Enable SSH on adequate courser and switches. Manifestation the symbol indicate as the manifestationrindicate and cisco as the
password on adequate symbols.
• Shape logging coeval coercion the encourage and VTY lines.
• Shape a MOTD exemplar to dissuade manifestationrs that distrusted arrival is prohibited.
• Symbol Safety
o Encrypt the open extract passwords.
o Intrust rank as the liberated EXEC command concealed password.
o Intrust cisco as the encourage and VTY passwords coercion login.
• Coercion experimenting ends MegaCon advises their WAN preparer, In-Tel, has firm clock admonish coercion adequate external
WAN serial incorporates to 128000 kbps.
• Shape the IPv4 and IPv6 orationes as listed in the Orationing Table.
Cam1 Cam2
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 5
Topology Diagrams
When your netfruit intention has been finalised you get be demandd to prepare an accuadmonish and minute argumentative
and corporeal topology diagram.
The argumentative diagram should precisely mirror the implemented orationing machination.
The corporeal diagram should beneathstand beside referable attributable attributable attributable be scant to the aftercited:
• Internetstarted symbols and interface details.
• Incorporate networks and IP oration referableice.
• Routing Territorys and static course details.
• Switching details and features e.g. STP, Channel Ports, VLAN referableice.
The corporeal topology diagram should be entire ample to adequateow a third aspect, coercion model a network
contractor, to instadequate and shape the netfruit extraneously any appended documentation.
Minority 2: Netfruit Orationing
IP Oration Machination
MegaCon get be using the aftercited orationing machinations:
Oration Type Oration Admiter
IPv4 Retired Oration Adequateocation MegaCon
IPv6 Oration Adequateocation 2001:1:10::/52 MegaCon
IPv4 Exoteric Oration Adequateocation Must be adequateocated counter Cam1 and Cam2
IPv4 ISP Point-to-point Cam1 incorporate ISP
IPv6 ISP Point-to-point Cam1 incorporate 2001:60:1:1::/64 ISP
IPv4 ISP Point-to-point Cam2incorporate ISP
IPv6 ISP Point-to-point Cam2incorporate 2001:60:1:2::/64 ISP
ISP Lo1 coercion IPv4 ISP
ISP Lo1 coercion IPv6 2001: ISP
ISP Lo2 coercion IPv4 ISP
ISP Lo2 coercion IPv6 2001:6:6:6::6/128 ISP
Table 2: IP oration stop adequateocations
A basis centre preparer has been asked to lease some of their exoteric oration room coercion MegaCon’s basis centre
infrastructure. In-Tel get prepare an internet bulk (link) through serial joinions to Cam1 and Cam2 and
advertise this oration room to the Internet. To finish this there get be a static course implemented using the
point-to-point incorporate exoteric oration room prepared in Table 2.
Netfruit Peculiars
• Adequate coursers, switches and PCs are dual stack symbols.
• OSPF courser ID get follow from the retired IPv4 inner orationing.
• PPPoE incorporates betwixt adequate manifestationrs on Eng networks and Par get follow from inner orationing. Adequateocate
oration room and deem how this can be coursed amid the network.
• Enunquestioning course conservation has been built in to the orationing machination coercion scalability.
• Gatepractice orationes get be intrusted the pristine usable oration in each subnet coercion twain IPv4/6.
• Courser interfaces coercion IPv6 get manifestation static incorporate-local orationing (guardianship the orationing uncompounded).
• MegaCon’s netfruit aggravateseer PC (NMPC) is corporeally conjoined to the switch SwM. NMPC manifestations the
developed oration on the Skillful-treatment VLAN.
Host Capacitys
Campbelltadmit get manifestation IPv6 orationes which are dynamically intrusted through SLAAC.
VLAN Referableice
VLSM is NOT demandd. An assiduity scale of /24 orationing coercion inner IP machination is valuable. At-last,
when that is referable attributable attributable attributable contrivable, larger networks may be manifestationd.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 6
Condition VLANs Demandd
Cam1, Cam2 and Cam3 Statementing/Marketing/Sales/Office
Par Parra Function / Engineering
Twain conditions Native / Skillful-treatment / Blackhole
Table 3: VLAN Referableice List
Netfruit orationing machination should siege into statement course summarisation.
Addressing Capacitys
VLAN Host Capacitys Development
Accounting 50 Hosts Yes
Marketing 75 Hosts Yes
Sales 150 Hosts Yes
Function 200 Hosts Yes
Skillful-treatment 5 Hosts (per condition) No
Parra Function 40 Hosts Yes
Engineering 20 Hosts Yes
Table 4: General Host Orationing Capacitys
MegaCon expects that it get entertain to victuals coercion doubling of the extents of most of its VLANs aggravate the proximate two
Minority 3: Netfruit Switches
MegaCon is melting sepaadmonish from their ad-hoc switch intention to a past priestly and scalable intention. The
deployment of the aftercited technologies should “coming scaleimony” the calling coercion elevate paraphrase as demandd.
VLAN Capacitys
Switch arrival ports adequateocation is three ports per VLAN per switch.
Intrust VLAN 100 as the Skillful-treatment VLAN and Native VLAN.
Any unassigned ports are to be placed into a “Blackhole”, an unused and non-routed VLAN (VLAN 999).
Additionally, these ports should be disabled and the vlan deleted.
Tolerate solely shaped VLANs to be frank on mass incorporates.
Switching Technologies
Enable quick-PVST+ on adequate switches.
Manipulate Spanning Tree to accmanifestation poise VLANs betwixt adequate HQ switches.
Implement EtherChannel betwixt SwM and SwB. Reasonableify your precious of EtherChannel mode separated.
Implement Pristine Hop Redundancy (FHR) using HSRP on Cam1 and Cam2. Accmanifestation Poise Active
and Standby betwixt these two corporeal coursers.
Minority 4: Netfruit Routing
With the lithe IP oration machination originated coercion MegaCon, integration of the oddly originated environment using
OSPF is to be deployed throughout.
Routing Capacitys
Inter-VLAN Routing: Layer 3 routing at the Campbelltadmit indirect courser and courser-on-a-stick at Parramatta.
Summarisation to be implemented where likely with OSPF.
OSPF Courser IDs adequateocated from inner IPv4 orationing.
Coercion best exercitation and safety reasons, manifestationless routing updates shadequate be prevented.
OSPF Capacitys
Shape OSPF throughout the routing territory.
OSPF routing updates and adjacencies betwixt Sydney and Parramatta must appear aggravate the GRE tunnel.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 7
A functional GRE tunnel (in Minority 5) is demandd coercion exchanging OSPF courses successfully betwixt
Parramatta and Sydney. (While preparing your implementation, you may hope to manifestation static courses temporarily,
coercion experimenting ends.)
Minority 5: Safety and Monitoring
The aftercited safety measures are to be imposed, coercion twain IPv4 and IPv6 orationes:
Users on the Sales VLAN are referable attributable attributable attributable to be frank to arrival any networks without their admit VLAN.
Users on the Engineering VLAN are frank to obtain of manifestationrs on their VLAN and the Internet.
NMPC is the netfruit aggravateseer’s PC. Enunquestioning that it is the solely symbol which can manage
MegaCon’s coursers and switches
NMPC should oceantain a log finish of adequate safety violations. Unauthorised attempts to join to either switch
SwT or switch SwB should be newsed to NMPC.
Minority 6: WAN
Coercion redundancy, an scruple incorporate to ISP is demandd from Cam2 Courser. Consequently In-Tel canreferable attributable answer-ce that
its interface on this incorporate get be prepared by a Cisco courser, MegaCon get entertain to manifestation PPP with CHAP
authentication on this incorporate.
To amend accmanifestation balancing, this incorporate must be manifestationd coercion those VLANs coercion which Cam2 is the Active courser.
Embezzle inchoate static and absence static routing is demandd coercion this implementation. The two loopback
addresses on ISP get emmass darken storage, and coercion this exertion it is adequate that adequate inner hosts can
successful ping these two looptail orationes using twain IPV4 and IPv6 orationes.
To facilitate posterior integration of the Sydney and Parramatta conditions, a Indirect Retired Netfruit (VPN) is adapted.
Even though the incorporate betwixt the two conditions is a retired network, a calling capacity dictates the tunnel
must be encrypted to enunquestioning easily-affected basis canreferable attributable be intercepted by any instrument.
Your class get demonstadmonish VPN technology using a GRE tunnel joining coursers Cam3 and Parra. Thus,
addressing this explanation calling capacity, and solving a complicated intention upshot beside past redundantly instilling
confidence through your technical power.
To prepare residence manifestationr arrival PPPoE get be implemented. Coercion the exhibition a uncombined PPPoE joinion
is demandd. At-last, the orationing and routing should be intentioned to adequateow 10 concomitant PPPoE
connections (this functionality can be informd by LPC which is conjoined to courser Liv, In Figure 1).
To prepare internet joinivity and exoteric orationing coercion webservers Netfruit Oration Translation (NAT)
needs to be shaped on the rim coursers at Campbelltown. Exoteric orationing has been leased (see
Minority 2) and subnetted from the Basis Centre’s exoteric oration stops. This oration room get be advertised
to the Internet by In-Tel and exchange redirected tail to MegaCon’s netfruit via inchoate static courses.
WAN Capacitys
Statically intrust IP orationing coercion the joining courser’s interfaces.
Condition to Condition Joinivity
The point-to-point VPN tunnel get manifestation retired orationes and get conclude at Cam3 and Parra.
Enable OSPF routing to exchange courses aggravate the tunnel.
Enunquestioning exchange is abundant through the tunnel interfaces referable attributable attributable attributable the conveyance incorporate.
Netfruit Oration Translation (NAT)
Adequate symbols amid MegaCon’s netfruit are expected to entertain internet joinivity using the loving oration
range with aggravateloading.
Internet is to be manufactured by a looptail interface on the ISP courser.
NAT functionality can be experimented by merely pinging the ISP looptail (inside-out).
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 8
1. Documentation
Your documentation must be of a professional scale and harmonize to the aftercited:
• Coercionmatted coercion A-4 paper;
• Arial font;
• Narrowness ocean mass extract font extent 10pt;
• Narrowness diagram font extent 6pt;
• Maximum of 10 pages NOT including any Appendices.
Your documentation at a narrowness should comprise the aftercited minoritys:
• Title Page;
• Table of contents;
• Introduction;
• Netfruit Intention Summary;
• Argumentative Diagram;
• Summary Orationing Table/s;
• Netfruit Intention Details – Prepare adequate the demandd referableice coercion adequate the symbols in your netfruit intention
in a tabular coercionm.
• Appendices compriseing
• Entire symbol configs
o Sepaadmonish highlighted ACLs configs coercion adequate appropriate symbols with comments and descriptions
o Sepaadmonish highlighted DHCP config/s coercion adequate appropriate symbols with comments and description
o Sepaadmonish highlighted NAT config/s coercion adequate appropriate symbols with comments and descriptions
2. Finishs to upload
A uncombined zip archive finish must be uploaded to vUWS on or anteriorly the exact ascribable conclusion and term (17:00
The zip finish indicate must conform to the aftercited convention:
Pristine indicate commandadmonish followed by developed indicate commandadmonish followed by tyro ID followed by “.zip”
Eg Kim Smith with the tyro ID 12345678 would indicate their archive finish “”. The zip archive
finish must comprise the aftercited finishs:
A PDF fie compriseing your documentation, with the finish indicate adhering to the aftercited convention:
Pristine indicate commandadmonish followed by developed indicate commandadmonish followed by tyro ID followed by “.pdf”
Eg Kim Smith with the tyro ID 12345678 would indicate their documentation finish “KS12345678.pdf”
Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1) finish/s coercion the ordinance in the most general rendering of Cisco Packet Tracer
(v7.2.1) coercionmat. With the finish indicate/s adhering to the aftercited convention:
Pristine indicate commandadmonish followed by developed indicate commandadmonish followed by tyro ID followed by “.pkt”
Eg Kim Smith with the tyro ID 12345678 with two Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1) finishs would indicate each finish
as follows “KS12345678_1of2.pkt” & “KS12345678_2of2.pkt”.
Any finish coercionmat other than a uncombined zip archive with a finish indicate that does referable attributable attributable attributable conform to the naming convention
OR that does referable attributable attributable attributable comprise the demandd finishs in the exact coercionmats and finishnames is NOT enlivening and get
entertain a sign of naught (0) automatically be awarded.
Multiple patiences get be adequateowed at-definite solely the developed patience get be assessed. Patience made
after the ascribable conclusion and term get run a punishment as outlined in the ace erudition pilot in the minority on “Late
Submission” beneath minority “2.6 Open Patience Capacitys”.
You must NOT beneathstand an ordinance coversheet with your upload. When uploading your patience to vUWS
you get avouch that:
• you obstruct a delineation of this ordinance if the pristine is obsolete or damaged,
• you hereby avouch that no bisect of this ordinance or consequence has been copied from any other tyros
fruit or from any other rise exclude where ascribable voucher is made in the ordinance,
• no bisect of the ordinance/consequence has been written/produced coercion me by any other special exclude
where collaboration has been authorised by the material lecturer/tutor uneasy,
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 9
• you are known that this fruit may be reproduced and submitted to plagiarism overthrow software
programs coercion the end of detecting likely plagiarism (Which may restrain a delineation on its basisbase
coercion coming plagiarism checking.)
• you hereby avouch that no bisect of this ordinance or consequence has been submitted by you in another
(former or general) toll, exclude where embezzlely referenced, and with earlier permission
from the Lecturer/Tutor/Ace Coordinator coercion this ace.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Intention 10
Marking Machination:
The capacity of your deliverables get be evaluated with the aftercited rubric.
CRITERIA Unsatisfactor
y (0%)
Very Good
g Machination
25 Signs
Does referable attributable attributable
meet any
Solely reasonable meets
Does referable attributable attributable attributable statement
coercion development in any
way. Inefficient
manifestation of available
oration room.
Meets basic
Accounts coercion
development in some
way. Referable attributable attributable attributable an
optimal manifestation of
oration room.
Meets most
Accounts coercion
development in some
way. Efficient
manifestation of available
oration room.
Meets adequate
Accounts coercion
development in an
optimal practice.
Most efficient
manifestation of available
oration room.
20 Signs
n prepared or
does referable attributable attributable
comprise any of
the narrowness
documentation is
uncompounded and referable attributable attributable attributable of
a professional
standard. Hard to
unravel and
learn or
does referable attributable attributable attributable comprise
adequate of the
required minoritys.
contains adequate of
the narrowness
at-definite it is
simplistic and
solely reasonable of a
standard. It is
hard to unravel
and learn.
is of a
standard, at-definite its
layout is referable attributable attributable
optimal or it is
referable attributable facile to
unravel or
is of a
standard. It is
well-mannered written
and unobstructed with
a layout that is
facile to unravel
Manifestation of Diagrams
10 Signs
Inaccuadmonish argumentative
diagram and/or
Illegible or
Accuadmonish argumentative
diagram poorly
argumentative diagram
well-mannered executed
no other
diagrams manifestationd
or do referable attributable attributable attributable add
to the
of the intention.
argumentative diagram
very courteous-mannered
executed and
uses diagrams
that second in the
of the intention.
20 Signs
ACLs referable attributable attributable
ACL rule
defined and
ACL rule
defined beside
ACL rule
defined and
applied beside referable attributable attributable
Optimal ACL
rule precisely
defined and
and Experiment.
25 Signs
No Packet
implement and
experiment or the
Packet Tracer
n does referable attributable attributable
match the
intention or
Packet Tracer
matches the
submitted intention
and loving
at-definite it is
poorly lsecond out
and referable attributable attributable
Packet Tracer
matches the
intention and
and is courteous-mannered-mannered laid
out at-definite referable attributable attributable
past than 60%
of the demandd
items are
Packet Tracer
matches the
intention and
and is courteous-mannered-mannered laid
out at-last
referable attributable past than
80% of the
items are
Packet Tracer
matches the
intention and
and is courteous-mannered-mannered laid
out with past
than 80% of the
100 Signs
Appendix 1 Tables
Sample Table A.1 IPv4 Subnetting Table
Enumeadmonish Subnet Oration Subnet Mask Hosts Demandd Maximum Hosts in
In Manifestations
(Yes or No)
Sample Table A.2 IPv6 Orationing Table
Enumeadmonish IPv6 Prefix/Prefix length
In Manifestations
(Yes or No)
Netfruit Indicate
Sample Table A.3 Symbol Interface IP Orationing Table
Symbol Interface IPv4 oration Subnet Mask IPv6 Oration/Prefix Length
Cam1 Cam2

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