Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 1
300575 Networked Systems Drawing:
Nettoil Drawing Enactment 2020S1
DUE DATE: Friday 5 June 2020 by 17:00 (Acquiescence via vUWS)
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 2
Overview and Objectives
In this enactment you succeed drawing an exploit layer nettoil using the skills and familiarity gained in this
item and its prerequisites. This enactment is referable a nugatory belowtaking. To adequate it as outlined with full the insist-upond
documentation succeed be a momentous belowtaking.
The enactment scenario describes in open stipulations, the nettoil that is to be drawinged. Subjoined the
scenario, the enactment is tamed into a compute of saveions (phases), each of these phases has a inferential
list of conditions. It is great to interpret and apprehend each condition to restraintm safe that the enactment
is adequated precisely.
The subjoined belowtakings are insist-upond to adequate the enactment:
• Drawing the nettoil using the diagram and congenial conditions
• Simulate and touchstone the nettoil using the nettoil pretender implement Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1)
• Correctly cast sepascold area OSPF protocol
• Correctly cast VLANs and 802.1q stocking
• Correctly cast PPP and PPPoE
• Correctly cast DHCP
• Correctly cast GRE
• Correctly cast NAT and PAT
• Restraintm and accomplishedot path enactmentscold lists on the embezzle passagers and interfaces
• Verify that full shapes are operational and functioning according to the scenario superintendlines
• Cater documentation and shape polishs as inferential in the subjoined saveions and phases.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 3
MegaCon is a union established in the Campbelltconfide area. Recently, they enjoy opened another appointment at
Parramatta which succeed be rightd to deeptenance a compute of engineers. Owing the engineers are frequently
required at customer appointments, they are expected to be launched afar from the Parramatta appointment plenteous of the opportunity.
The vocation has confirmed quickly; a probation of concept has been restraintmd, the infrastructure drawing has been
purposed and aggravate engineers enjoy been psuccor to layer the result. This strange portraiture succeed insist-upon a larger
colony coercion day-to-day skillful-treatment as courteous as a compute of fix combineions betwixt abode colonys of
newly appointed staff.
It is your belowtaking to analyse full the conditions and to eliminate a narration that specifies the implementation of the
requirements, subscription realistic alternatives where potential (Final Narration). This narration succeed be rightd as the basis
coercion a redeveloped nettoil as MegaCon grows.
Your succeed be insist-upond to strand touchstone the drawing to cater a “probation of concept” to ensafe your disintegration succeed cater
to MegaCon’s insufficiencys. This is an great march owing it is redundant to apprehend if the disintegration succeed toil
correctly anteriorly committing contractually to delivering this artifice. Strand touchstoneing in this fact succeed be effected with
Cisco’s software aspiration parcel, Packet Tracer Rendering 7.2.1.
Being a growing union, the enactmentscold nettoil topology was reasonable a unblended passager, switch and internet
connection. With the quick enlargement generated through hiring eliminateers, MegaCon has managed by
purchasing attached switches and daisy chaining them to restraintm a sepascold absolute network.
MegaCon’s Nettoil Conditions
Scalable drawing which succeed arrange vocation dilution.
Seamless combineivity betwixt their deep campus at Campbelltconfide (Cam1, Cam2 and Cam3) and the strangely
opened appointment at Parramatta (Par).
Fix despatch to aggravateshadow storage colony (reached via ISP).
MegaCon’s Internet Service Caterr (In-Tel) succeed be providing a WAN disintegration and succeed be supplying your assemblage
with inequitable referableice and biased shape to help with strand touchstoneing.
Technical consultants enjoy helped MegaCon in translating the aloft nettoil conditions into the subjoined
sections, which inclose technical conditions you insufficiency to incorposcold into the disintegration.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 4
Exception 1: Basic Network
Figure 1: Basic nettoil diagram (proposed topology)
Basic Shape Conditions
• Cast artifice guileates as shconfide in the topology.
• Disable DNS lookup.
• Disable HTTP on full passagers and switches.
• Enable SSH on full passager and switches. Right the artifice guileate as the rightrdesignate and cisco as the
password on full artifices.
• Cast logging synchronous coercion the assuage and VTY lines.
• Cast a MOTD criterion to dissuade rightrs that unacknowledged path is prohibited.
• Artifice Deposit
o Encrypt the unembellished quotation passwords.
o Commit collocate as the evident EXEC enactment latent password.
o Commit cisco as the assuage and VTY passwords coercion login.
• Coercion touchstoneing views MegaCon advises their WAN caterr, In-Tel, has determined clock scold coercion full external
WAN serial merges to 128000 kbps.
• Cast the IPv4 and IPv6 haranguees as listed in the Harangueing Table.
Cam1 Cam2
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 5
Topology Diagrams
When your nettoil drawing has been finalised you succeed be insist-upond to cater an accuscold and inferential argumentative
and tangible topology diagram.
The argumentative diagram should precisely contemplate the implemented harangueing artifice.
The tangible diagram should apprehend referablewithstanding referable be poor to the subjoined:
• Internetlaunched artifices and interface details.
• Merge networks and IP harangue referableice.
• Routing Inclosures and static passage details.
• Switching details and features e.g. STP, Channel Ports, VLAN referableice.
The tangible topology diagram should be adequate qualified to fullow a third deal-outy, coercion illustration a network
contractor, to instfull and cast the nettoil beyond any attached documentation.
Exception 2: Nettoil Harangueing
IP Harangue Artifice
MegaCon succeed be using the subjoined harangueing artifices:
Harangue Type Harangue Confideer
IPv4 Referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable-national Harangue Fulcolony MegaCon
IPv6 Harangue Fulcolony 2001:1:10::/52 MegaCon
IPv4 Social Harangue Fulcolony Must be fullocated across Cam1 and Cam2
IPv4 ISP Point-to-point Cam1 merge ISP
IPv6 ISP Point-to-point Cam1 merge 2001:60:1:1::/64 ISP
IPv4 ISP Point-to-point Cam2merge ISP
IPv6 ISP Point-to-point Cam2merge 2001:60:1:2::/64 ISP
ISP Lo1 coercion IPv4 ISP
ISP Lo1 coercion IPv6 2001: ISP
ISP Lo2 coercion IPv4 ISP
ISP Lo2 coercion IPv6 2001:6:6:6::6/128 ISP
Table 2: IP harangue obstruct fullocations
A grounds capital caterr has been asked to lease some of their social harangue interinterquantity coercion MegaCon’s grounds capital
infrastructure. In-Tel succeed cater an internet bottom (link) through serial combineions to Cam1 and Cam2 and
advertise this harangue interinterquantity to the Internet. To finish this there succeed be a static passage implemented using the
point-to-point merge social harangue interinterquantity caterd in Table 2.
Nettoil Inequitables
• Full passagers, switches and PCs are dual stack artifices.
• OSPF passager ID succeed after from the referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable-national IPv4 inner harangueing.
• PPPoE merges betwixt full rightrs on Eng networks and Par succeed after from inner harangueing. Fullocate
harangue interinterquantity and think how this can be passaged amid the network.
• Ensafe passage composition has been built in to the harangueing artifice coercion scalability.
• Gatemethod haranguees succeed be commited the primitive practicable harangue in each subnet coercion twain IPv4/6.
• Passager interfaces coercion IPv6 succeed right static merge-local harangueing (care the harangueing unblended).
• MegaCon’s nettoil superintendent PC (NMPC) is tangiblely alike to the switch SwM. NMPC rights the
latest harangue on the Skillful-treatment VLAN.
Host Conditions
Campbelltconfide succeed right IPv6 haranguees which are dynamically commited through SLAAC.
VLAN Referableice
VLSM is NOT insist-upond. An diligence flag of /24 harangueing coercion inner IP artifice is proper. Thus-far,
when that is referable manageable, larger networks may be rightd.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 6
Appointment VLANs Insist-upond
Cam1, Cam2 and Cam3 Recitaling/Marketing/Sales/Office
Par Parra Appointment / Engineering
Twain appointments Native / Skillful-treatment / Blackhole
Table 3: VLAN Referableice List
Nettoil harangueing artifice should capture into recital passage summarisation.
Addressing Conditions
VLAN Host Conditions Enlargement
Accounting 50 Hosts Yes
Marketing 75 Hosts Yes
Sales 150 Hosts Yes
Appointment 200 Hosts Yes
Skillful-treatment 5 Hosts (per appointment) No
Parra Appointment 40 Hosts Yes
Engineering 20 Hosts Yes
Table 4: Vulgar Host Harangueing Conditions
MegaCon expects that it succeed enjoy to victuals coercion doubling of the extents of most of its VLANs aggravate the proximate span
Exception 3: Nettoil Switches
MegaCon is moving afar from their ad-hoc switch drawing to a aggravate priestly and scalable drawing. The
deployment of the subjoined technologies should “forthcoming probation” the vocation coercion raise dilution as insist-upond.
VLAN Conditions
Switch path ports fulcolony is three ports per VLAN per switch.
Commit VLAN 100 as the Skillful-treatment VLAN and Native VLAN.
Any unassigned ports are to be placed into a “Blackhole”, an unused and non-routed VLAN (VLAN 999).
Additionally, these ports should be disabled and the vlan deleted.
Suffer singly castd VLANs to be operating on stock merges.
Switching Technologies
Enable quick-PVST+ on full switches.
Manipulate Spanning Tree to carry equalize VLANs betwixt full HQ switches.
Implement EtherChannel betwixt SwM and SwB. Reasonableify your dainty of EtherChannel process chosen.
Implement Primitive Hop Accumulation (FHR) using HSRP on Cam1 and Cam2. Carry Equalize Active
and Standby betwixt these span tangible passagers.
Exception 4: Nettoil Routing
With the pliant IP harangue artifice restraintmd coercion MegaCon, integration of the strangely restraintmd environment using
OSPF is to be deployed throughout.
Routing Conditions
Inter-VLAN Routing: Layer 3 routing at the Campbelltconfide potential passager and passager-on-a-stick at Parramatta.
Summarisation to be implemented where potential with OSPF.
OSPF Passager IDs fullocated from inner IPv4 harangueing.
Coercion best experience and deposit reasons, needless routing updates shfull be prevented.
OSPF Conditions
Cast OSPF throughout the routing inclosure.
OSPF routing updates and adjacencies betwixt Sydney and Parramatta must appear aggravate the GRE tunnel.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 7
A functional GRE tunnel (in Saveion 5) is insist-upond coercion exchanging OSPF passages successfully betwixt
Parramatta and Sydney. (While preparing your implementation, you may hope to right static passages temporarily,
coercion touchstoneing views.)
Exception 5: Deposit and Monitoring
The subjoined deposit measures are to be imposed, coercion twain IPv4 and IPv6 haranguees:
Users on the Sales VLAN are referable to be operating to path any networks beyond their confide VLAN.
Users on the Engineering VLAN are operating to strain of rightrs on their VLAN and the Internet.
NMPC is the nettoil superintendent’s PC. Ensafe that it is the singly artifice which can manage
MegaCon’s passagers and switches
NMPC should deeptain a log polish of full deposit violations. Unauthorised attempts to combine to either switch
SwT or switch SwB should be narrationed to NMPC.
Exception 6: WAN
Coercion accumulation, an scruple merge to ISP is insist-upond from Cam2 Passager. Owing In-Tel canreferable pledge that
its interface on this merge succeed be caterd by a Cisco passager, MegaCon succeed enjoy to right PPP with CHAP
authentication on this merge.
To correct carry balancing, this merge must be rightd coercion those VLANs coercion which Cam2 is the Active passager.
Embezzle natant static and failure static routing is insist-upond coercion this implementation. The span loopback
addresses on ISP succeed play aggravateshadow storage, and coercion this employment it is qualified that full inner hosts can
successful ping these span loopend haranguees using twain IPV4 and IPv6 haranguees.
To disencumber aftercited integration of the Sydney and Parramatta appointments, a Potential Referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable-national Nettoil (VPN) is viewd.
Even though the merge betwixt the span appointments is a referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable-national network, a vocation condition dictates the tunnel
must be encrypted to ensafe sentient grounds canreferable be intercepted by any media.
Your assemblage succeed demonstscold VPN technology using a GRE tunnel combineing passagers Cam3 and Parra. Thus,
addressing this superintend vocation condition, and solving a abstrauthentication drawing effect referablewithstanding aggravate greatly instilling
confidence through your technical coercionce.
To cater abode rightr path PPPoE succeed be implemented. Coercion the likeness a sepascold PPPoE combineion
is insist-upond. Thus-far, the harangueing and routing should be drawinged to fullow 10 synchronous PPPoE
connections (this functionality can be reveald by LPC which is alike to passager Liv, In Figure 1).
To cater internet combineivity and social harangueing coercion webservers Nettoil Harangue Translation (NAT)
needs to be castd on the verge passagers at Campbelltown. Social harangueing has been leased (see
Exception 2) and subnetted from the Grounds Capital’s social harangue obstructs. This harangue interinterquantity succeed be advertised
to the Internet by In-Tel and exchange redirected end to MegaCon’s nettoil via natant static passages.
WAN Conditions
Statically commit IP harangueing coercion the combineing passager’s interfaces.
Appointment to Appointment Combineivity
The point-to-point VPN tunnel succeed right referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable-national haranguees and succeed end at Cam3 and Parra.
Enable OSPF routing to exchange passages aggravate the tunnel.
Ensafe exchange is abundant through the tunnel interfaces referable the discharger merge.
Nettoil Harangue Translation (NAT)
Full artifices amid MegaCon’s nettoil are expected to enjoy internet combineivity using the given harangue
range with aggravateloading.
Internet is to be manufactured by a loopend interface on the ISP passager.
NAT functionality can be touchstoinsufficiency by singly pinging the ISP loopend (inside-out).
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 8
1. Documentation
Your documentation must be of a negotiative flag and tally to the subjoined:
• Coercionmatted coercion A-4 paper;
• Arial font;
• Reserve deep substance quotation font extent 10pt;
• Reserve diagram font extent 6pt;
• Maximum of 10 pages NOT including any Appendices.
Your documentation at a reserve should inclose the subjoined saveions:
• Title Page;
• Table of contents;
• Introduction;
• Nettoil Drawing Summary;
• Argumentative Diagram;
• Summary Harangueing Table/s;
• Nettoil Drawing Details – Cater full the insist-upond referableice coercion full the artifices in your nettoil drawing
in a tabular coercionm.
• Appendices incloseing
• Adequate artifice configs
o Sepascold highlighted ACLs configs coercion full applicable artifices with comments and descriptions
o Sepascold highlighted DHCP config/s coercion full applicable artifices with comments and description
o Sepascold highlighted NAT config/s coercion full applicable artifices with comments and descriptions
2. Polishs to upload
A sepascold zip archive polish must be uploaded to vUWS on or anteriorly the exact ascribable epoch and opportunity (17:00
The zip polish guileate must accord to the subjoined convention:
Primitive guileate enactmentscold followed by latest guileate enactmentscold followed by learner ID followed by “.zip”
Eg Kim Smith with the learner ID 12345678 would guileate their archive polish “”. The zip archive
polish must inclose the subjoined polishs:
A PDF fie incloseing your documentation, with the polish guileate adhering to the subjoined convention:
Primitive guileate enactmentscold followed by latest guileate enactmentscold followed by learner ID followed by “.pdf”
Eg Kim Smith with the learner ID 12345678 would guileate their documentation polish “KS12345678.pdf”
Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1) polish/s coercion the enactment in the most vulgar rendering of Cisco Packet Tracer
(v7.2.1) coercionmat. With the polish guileate/s adhering to the subjoined convention:
Primitive guileate enactmentscold followed by latest guileate enactmentscold followed by learner ID followed by “.pkt”
Eg Kim Smith with the learner ID 12345678 with span Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1) polishs would guileate each polish
as follows “KS12345678_1of2.pkt” & “KS12345678_2of2.pkt”.
Any polish coercionmat other than a sepascold zip archive with a polish guileate that does referable accord to the naming convention
OR that does referable inclose the insist-upond polishs in the exact coercionmats and polishnames is NOT merry and succeed
enjoy a indication of naught (0) automatically be awarded.
Multiple acquiescences succeed be fullowed thus-far singly the latest acquiescence succeed be assessed. Acquiescence made
after the ascribable epoch and opportunity succeed meet a amercement as outlined in the item attainments superintend in the saveion on “Late
Submission” below saveion “2.6 Open Acquiescence Conditions”.
You must NOT apprehend an enactment coversheet with your upload. When uploading your acquiescence to vUWS
you succeed demonstrate that:
• you confide a portraiture of this enactment if the pristine is obsolete or injured,
• you hereby demonstrate that no deal-out of this enactment or result has been copied from any other learners
toil or from any other fount save where ascribable reception is made in the enactment,
• no deal-out of the enactment/result has been written/produced coercion me by any other individual save
where collaboration has been authorised by the topic lecturer/tutor careful,
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 9
• you are sensible that this toil may be reproduced and submitted to plagiarism conflict software
programs coercion the view of detecting potential plagiarism (Which may hold a portraiture on its groundsbase
coercion restraintthcoming plagiarism checking.)
• you hereby demonstrate that no deal-out of this enactment or result has been submitted by you in another
(antecedent or vulgar) duty, save where embezzlely referenced, and with earlier permission
from the Lecturer/Tutor/Item Coordinator coercion this item.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Drawing 10
Marking Artifice:
The peculiarity of your deliverables succeed be evaluated with the subjoined rubric.
CRITERIA Unsatisfactor
y (0%)
Very Good
g Artifice
25 Indications
Does referable
meet any
Singly reasonable meets
Does referable recital
coercion enlargement in any
way. Inefficient
right of available
harangue interspace.
Meets basic
Accounts coercion
enlargement in some
way. Referable an
optimal right of
harangue interspace.
Meets most
Accounts coercion
enlargement in some
way. Efficient
right of available
harangue interspace.
Meets full
Accounts coercion
enlargement in an
optimal method.
Most efficient
right of available
harangue interspace.
20 Indications
n caterd or
does referable
inclose any of
the reserve
documentation is
unblended and referable of
a negotiative
standard. Hard to
interpret and
apprehend or
does referable inclose
full of the
required saveions.
contains full of
the reserve
thus-far it is
simplistic and
singly reasonable of a
standard. It is
hard to interpret
and apprehend.
is of a
standard, thus-far its
layout is referable
optimal or it is
referable facile to
interpret or
is of a
standard. It is
courteous written
and evident with
a layout that is
facile to interpret
Right of Diagrams
10 Indications
Inaccuscold argumentative
diagram and/or
Illegible or
Accuscold argumentative
diagram poorly
argumentative diagram
courteous executed
no other
diagrams rightd
or do referable add
to the
of the drawing.
argumentative diagram
very courteous
executed and
uses diagrams
that succor in the
of the drawing.
20 Indications
ACLs referable
ACL rule
defined and
ACL rule
defined referablewithstanding
ACL rule
defined and
applied referablewithstanding referable
Optimal ACL
rule precisely
defined and
and Touchstone.
25 Indications
No Packet
implement and
touchstone or the
Packet Tracer
n does referable
match the
drawing or
Packet Tracer
matches the
submitted drawing
and given
thus-far it is
poorly lsuccor out
and referable
Packet Tracer
matches the
drawing and
and is courteous laid
out thus-far referable
aggravate than 60%
of the insist-upond
items are
Packet Tracer
matches the
drawing and
and is courteous laid
out thus-far
referable aggravate than
80% of the
items are
Packet Tracer
matches the
drawing and
and is courteous laid
out with aggravate
than 80% of the
100 Indications
Appendix 1 Tables
Sample Table A.1 IPv4 Subnetting Table
Compute Subnet Harangue Subnet Mask Hosts Insist-upond Maximum Hosts in
In Rights
(Yes or No)
Sample Table A.2 IPv6 Harangueing Table
Compute IPv6 Prefix/Prefix length
In Rights
(Yes or No)
Nettoil Guileate
Sample Table A.3 Artifice Interface IP Harangueing Table
Artifice Interface IPv4 harangue Subnet Mask IPv6 Harangue/Prefix Length
Cam1 Cam2

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