Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 1
300575 Networked Systems Cunning:
Netis-sue Cunning Ordinance 2020S1
DUE DATE: Friday 5 June 2020 by 17:00 (Meekness via vUWS)
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 2
Overview and Objectives
In this ordinance you conquer cunning an enterprise layer netis-sue using the skills and experience gained in this
ace and its prerequisites. This ordinance is referable attributable attributable attributable a trifling trade. To total it as outlined with whole the demandd
documentation conquer be a speaking trade.
The ordinance scenario describes in open victualss, the netis-sue that is to be cunninged. Aftercited the
scenario, the ordinance is reclaimed into a reckon of individualitys (phases), each of these phases has a minute
list of fitnesss. It is dignified to recognize and imply each fitness to fabricate detain that the ordinance
is totald correspondently.
The aftercited trades are demandd to total the ordinance:
• Cunning the netis-sue using the diagram and related fitnesss
• Simulate and experiment the netis-sue using the netis-sue vaunter cat's-paw Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1)
• Correctly fashion unmarried area OSPF protocol
• Correctly fashion VLANs and 802.1q steming
• Correctly fashion PPP and PPPoE
• Correctly fashion DHCP
• Correctly fashion GRE
• Correctly fashion NAT and PAT
• Educe and integralot admittance manage lists on the divert pathrs and interfaces
• Verify that whole figures are operational and functioning according to the scenario superintendlines
• Agree documentation and figure smooths as minute in the aftercited individualitys and phases.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 3
MegaCon is a audience fixed in the Campbelltacknowledge area. Recently, they enjoy opened another locality at
Parramatta which conquer be reasond to promote a reckon of engineers. Owing the engineers are frequently
required at customer localitys, they are expected to be inaugurated detached from the Parramatta trade-post plenteous of the term.
The trade has enucleateed acceleratedly; a probation of concept has been educed, the infrastructure cunning has been
planned and past engineers enjoy been ppromote to layer the fruit. This odd pattern conquer demand a larger
colony restraint day-to-day skillful-treatment as polite-mannered-mannered as a reckon of detain connections among determinedtlement colonys of
newly appointed staff.
It is your trade to analyse whole the fitnesss and to enucleate a declaration that specifies the implementation of the
requirements, offering realistic alternatives where potential (Final Declaration). This declaration conquer be reasond as the basis
restraint a redeveloped netis-sue as MegaCon grows.
Your conquer be demandd to coast experiment the cunning to agree a “probation of concept” to endetain your disintegration conquer cater
to MegaCon’s insufficiencys. This is an dignified step owing it is quantitative to imply if the disintegration conquer is-sue
correctly anteriorly committing contractually to delivering this contrivance. Coast experimenting in this circumstance conquer be executed with
Cisco’s software emulation lot, Packet Tracer Statement 7.2.1.
Being a growing audience, the primal netis-sue topology was equitable a unadorned pathr, switch and internet
connection. With the accelerated enlargement generated through hiring enucleateers, MegaCon has managed by
purchasing concomitant switches and daisy chaining them to educe a unmarried tame network.
MegaCon’s Netis-sue Fitnesss
Scalable cunning which conquer expedite trade exposition.
Seamless connectivity among their deep campus at Campbelltacknowledge (Cam1, Cam2 and Cam3) and the oddly
opened trade-post at Parramatta (Par).
Detain message to outvie storage colony (reached via ISP).
MegaCon’s Internet Service Agreer (In-Tel) conquer be providing a WAN disintegration and conquer be supplying your cluster
with restricted counsel and peculiar figure to benefit with coast experimenting.
Technical consultants enjoy benefited MegaCon in translating the counterpoise netis-sue fitnesss into the aftercited
sections, which inclose technical fitnesss you insufficiency to incorporate into the disintegration.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 4
Individuality 1: Basic Network
Figure 1: Basic netis-sue diagram (contemplated topology)
Basic Figure Fitnesss
• Fashion contrivance indicates as shacknowledge in the topology.
• Disable DNS lookup.
• Disable HTTP on whole pathrs and switches.
• Enable SSH on whole pathr and switches. Reason the contrivance indicate as the reasonrindicate and cisco as the
password on whole contrivances.
• Fashion logging contemporary restraint the soothe and VTY lines.
• Fashion a MOTD gauge to alarm reasonrs that unacknowledged admittance is prohibited.
• Contrivance Carelessness
o Encrypt the unvarnished quotation passwords.
o Refer assort as the free EXEC jurisdiction unseen password.
o Refer cisco as the soothe and VTY passwords restraint login.
• Restraint experimenting points MegaCon advises their WAN agreer, In-Tel, has determined clock rate restraint whole external
WAN serial merges to 128000 kbps.
• Fashion the IPv4 and IPv6 discoursees as listed in the Discourseing Table.
Cam1 Cam2
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 5
Topology Diagrams
When your netis-sue cunning has been finalised you conquer be demandd to agree an deliberateate and minute argumentative
and tangible topology diagram.
The argumentative diagram should correspondently cogitate the implemented discourseing theory.
The tangible diagram should enclose save referable attributable attributable attributable be poor to the aftercited:
• Internetinaugurated contrivances and interface details.
• Merge networks and IP discourse counsel.
• Routing Lordships and static path details.
• Switching details and features e.g. STP, Channel Ports, VLAN counsel.
The tangible topology diagram should be total satisfactory to wholeow a third laterality, restraint in a network
contractor, to instwhole and fashion the netis-sue without any concomitant documentation.
Individuality 2: Netis-sue Discourseing
IP Discourse Theory
MegaCon conquer be using the aftercited discourseing theorys:
Discourse Type Discourse Acknowledgeer
IPv4 Peculiar Discourse Wholeocation MegaCon
IPv6 Discourse Wholeocation 2001:1:10::/52 MegaCon
IPv4 Social Discourse Wholeocation Must be wholeocated resisting Cam1 and Cam2
IPv4 ISP Point-to-point Cam1 merge ISP
IPv6 ISP Point-to-point Cam1 merge 2001:60:1:1::/64 ISP
IPv4 ISP Point-to-point Cam2merge ISP
IPv6 ISP Point-to-point Cam2merge 2001:60:1:2::/64 ISP
ISP Lo1 restraint IPv4 ISP
ISP Lo1 restraint IPv6 2001: ISP
ISP Lo2 restraint IPv4 ISP
ISP Lo2 restraint IPv6 2001:6:6:6::6/128 ISP
Table 2: IP discourse fill wholeocations
A postulates centre agreer has been asked to lease some of their social discourse room restraint MegaCon’s postulates centre
infrastructure. In-Tel conquer agree an internet bottom (link) through serial connections to Cam1 and Cam2 and
advertise this discourse room to the Internet. To close this there conquer be a static path implemented using the
point-to-point merge social discourse room agreed in Table 2.
Netis-sue Restricteds
• Whole pathrs, switches and PCs are dual stack contrivances.
• OSPF pathr ID conquer succeed from the peculiar IPv4 interior discourseing.
• PPPoE merges among whole reasonrs on Eng networks and Par conquer succeed from interior discourseing. Wholeocate
discourse room and deliberate how this can be pathd amid the network.
• Endetain path incorporation has been built in to the discourseing theory restraint scalability.
• Gateform discoursees conquer be refered the earliest manageable discourse in each subnet restraint twain IPv4/6.
• Pathr interfaces restraint IPv6 conquer reason static merge-local discourseing (guardianship the discourseing unadorned).
• MegaCon’s netis-sue counterpoiseseer PC (NMPC) is tangiblely aceed to the switch SwM. NMPC reasons the
ultimate discourse on the Skillful-treatment VLAN.
Host Fitnesss
Campbelltacknowledge conquer reason IPv6 discoursees which are dynamically refered through SLAAC.
VLAN Counsel
VLSM is NOT demandd. An perseverance criterion of /24 discourseing restraint interior IP theory is good. Eventually,
when that is referable attributable attributable attributable manageable, larger networks may be reasond.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 6
Locality VLANs Demandd
Cam1, Cam2 and Cam3 Recitaling/Marketing/Sales/Office
Par Parra Trade-post / Engineering
Twain localitys Native / Skillful-treatment / Blackhole
Table 3: VLAN Counsel List
Netis-sue discourseing theory should select into recital path summarisation.
Addressing Fitnesss
VLAN Host Fitnesss Enlargement
Accounting 50 Hosts Yes
Marketing 75 Hosts Yes
Sales 150 Hosts Yes
Business-post 200 Hosts Yes
Skillful-treatment 5 Hosts (per locality) No
Parra Trade-post 40 Hosts Yes
Engineering 20 Hosts Yes
Table 4: Prevalent Host Discourseing Fitnesss
MegaCon expects that it conquer enjoy to victuals restraint doubling of the greatnesss of most of its VLANs counterpoise the contiguous brace
Individuality 3: Netis-sue Switches
MegaCon is affecting detached from their ad-hoc switch cunning to a past hierarchical and scalable cunning. The
deployment of the aftercited technologies should “forthcoming probation” the trade restraint further exposition as demandd.
VLAN Fitnesss
Switch admittance ports wholeocation is three ports per VLAN per switch.
Refer VLAN 100 as the Skillful-treatment VLAN and Native VLAN.
Any unassigned ports are to be placed into a “Blackhole”, an unused and non-routed VLAN (VLAN 999).
Additionally, these ports should be disabled and the vlan deleted.
Acknowledge singly fashiond VLANs to be playing on stem merges.
Switching Technologies
Enable accelerated-PVST+ on whole switches.
Manipulate Spanning Tree to enjoin counterpoise VLANs among whole HQ switches.
Implement EtherChannel among SwM and SwB. Equitableify your precious of EtherChannel manner chosen.
Implement Earliest Hop Glomeration (FHR) using HSRP on Cam1 and Cam2. Enjoin Counterpoise Active
and Standby among these brace tangible pathrs.
Individuality 4: Netis-sue Routing
With the supple IP discourse theory educed restraint MegaCon, integration of the oddly educed environment using
OSPF is to be deployed throughout.
Routing Fitnesss
Inter-VLAN Routing: Layer 3 routing at the Campbelltacknowledge potential pathr and pathr-on-a-stick at Parramatta.
Summarisation to be implemented where potential with OSPF.
OSPF Pathr IDs wholeocated from interior IPv4 discourseing.
Restraint best action and carelessness reasons, needless routing updates shwhole be prevented.
OSPF Fitnesss
Fashion OSPF throughout the routing lordship.
OSPF routing updates and adjacencies among Sydney and Parramatta must take-place counterpoise the GRE tunnel.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 7
A authoritative GRE tunnel (in Individuality 5) is demandd restraint exchanging OSPF paths successfully among
Parramatta and Sydney. (While preparing your implementation, you may effort to reason static paths temporarily,
restraint experimenting points.)
Individuality 5: Carelessness and Monitoring
The aftercited carelessness measures are to be imposed, restraint twain IPv4 and IPv6 discoursees:
Users on the Sales VLAN are referable attributable attributable attributable to be playing to admittance any networks without their acknowledge VLAN.
Users on the Engineering VLAN are playing to aim of reasonrs on their VLAN and the Internet.
NMPC is the netis-sue counterpoiseseer’s PC. Endetain that it is the singly contrivance which can manage
MegaCon’s pathrs and switches
NMPC should deeptain a log smooth of whole carelessness violations. Unauthorised attempts to connect to either switch
SwT or switch SwB should be declarationed to NMPC.
Individuality 6: WAN
Restraint glomeration, an scruple merge to ISP is demandd from Cam2 Pathr. Owing In-Tel canreferable attributable pledge that
its interface on this merge conquer be agreed by a Cisco pathr, MegaCon conquer enjoy to reason PPP with CHAP
authentication on this merge.
To rectify enjoin balancing, this merge must be reasond restraint those VLANs restraint which Cam2 is the Active pathr.
Divert disprevalent static and lapse static routing is demandd restraint this implementation. The brace loopback
addresses on ISP conquer play outvie storage, and restraint this exertion it is satisfactory that whole interior hosts can
successful ping these brace loopend discoursees using twain IPV4 and IPv6 discoursees.
To facilitate later integration of the Sydney and Parramatta localitys, a Potential Peculiar Netis-sue (VPN) is planned.
Even though the merge among the brace localitys is a peculiar network, a trade fitness dictates the tunnel
must be encrypted to endetain easily-affected postulates canreferable attributable be intercepted by any resources.
Your cluster conquer unfold VPN technology using a GRE tunnel connecting pathrs Cam3 and Parra. Thus,
addressing this superintend trade fitness, and solving a close cunning children save past dignifiedly instilling
confidence through your technical power.
To agree determinedtlement reasonr admittance PPPoE conquer be implemented. Restraint the illusion a unmarried PPPoE connection
is demandd. Eventually, the discourseing and routing should be cunninged to wholeow 10 synchronous PPPoE
connections (this authoritativeity can be unfoldd by LPC which is aceed to pathr Liv, In Figure 1).
To agree internet connectivity and social discourseing restraint webservers Netis-sue Discourse Translation (NAT)
needs to be fashiond on the edge pathrs at Campbelltown. Social discourseing has been leased (see
Individuality 2) and subnetted from the Postulates Centre’s social discourse fills. This discourse room conquer be advertised
to the Internet by In-Tel and commerce redirected end to MegaCon’s netis-sue via disprevalent static paths.
WAN Fitnesss
Statically refer IP discourseing restraint the connecting pathr’s interfaces.
Locality to Locality Connectivity
The point-to-point VPN tunnel conquer reason peculiar discoursees and conquer stop at Cam3 and Parra.
Enable OSPF routing to vary paths counterpoise the tunnel.
Endetain commerce is copious through the tunnel interfaces referable attributable attributable attributable the conveyance merge.
Netis-sue Discourse Translation (NAT)
Whole contrivances amid MegaCon’s netis-sue are expected to enjoy internet connectivity using the attached discourse
range with counterpoiseloading.
Internet is to be invented by a loopend interface on the ISP pathr.
NAT authoritativeity can be experimented by merely pinging the ISP loopend (inside-out).
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 8
1. Documentation
Your documentation must be of a authoritative criterion and fit to the aftercited:
• Restraintmatted restraint A-4 paper;
• Arial font;
• Minimum deep whole quotation font greatness 10pt;
• Minimum diagram font greatness 6pt;
• Maximum of 10 pages NOT including any Appendices.
Your documentation at a minimum should inclose the aftercited individualitys:
• Title Page;
• Table of contents;
• Introduction;
• Netis-sue Cunning Summary;
• Argumentative Diagram;
• Summary Discourseing Table/s;
• Netis-sue Cunning Details – Agree whole the demandd counsel restraint whole the contrivances in your netis-sue cunning
in a tabular restraintm.
• Appendices incloseing
• Total contrivance configs
o Separate highlighted ACLs configs restraint whole applicable contrivances with comments and descriptions
o Separate highlighted DHCP config/s restraint whole applicable contrivances with comments and description
o Separate highlighted NAT config/s restraint whole applicable contrivances with comments and descriptions
2. Smooths to upload
A unmarried zip archive smooth must be uploaded to vUWS on or anteriorly the certain ascribable continuance and term (17:00
The zip smooth indicate must accord to the aftercited convention:
Earliest indicate primal followed by ultimate indicate primal followed by ward ID followed by “.zip”
Eg Kim Smith with the ward ID 12345678 would indicate their archive smooth “”. The zip archive
smooth must inclose the aftercited smooths:
A PDF fie incloseing your documentation, with the smooth indicate adhering to the aftercited convention:
Earliest indicate primal followed by ultimate indicate primal followed by ward ID followed by “.pdf”
Eg Kim Smith with the ward ID 12345678 would indicate their documentation smooth “KS12345678.pdf”
Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1) smooth/s restraint the ordinance in the most prevalent statement of Cisco Packet Tracer
(v7.2.1) restraintmat. With the smooth indicate/s adhering to the aftercited convention:
Earliest indicate primal followed by ultimate indicate primal followed by ward ID followed by “.pkt”
Eg Kim Smith with the ward ID 12345678 with brace Cisco Packet Tracer (v7.2.1) smooths would indicate each smooth
as follows “KS12345678_1of2.pkt” & “KS12345678_2of2.pkt”.
Any smooth restraintmat other than a unmarried zip archive with a smooth indicate that does referable attributable attributable attributable accord to the naming convention
OR that does referable attributable attributable attributable inclose the demandd smooths in the certain restraintmats and smoothnames is NOT cheerful and conquer
enjoy a referablee of naught (0) automatically be awarded.
Multiple meeknesss conquer be wholeowed eventually singly the ultimate meekness conquer be assessed. Meekness made
after the ascribable continuance and term conquer run a retribution as outlined in the ace culture superintend in the individuality on “Late
Submission” beneath individuality “2.6 Open Meekness Fitnesss”.
You must NOT enclose an ordinance coversheet with your upload. When uploading your meekness to vUWS
you conquer assure that:
• you wait a representation of this ordinance if the primordial is obsolete or damaged,
• you hereby assure that no portio of this ordinance or fruit has been copied from any other wards
is-sue or from any other fount save where ascribable voucher is made in the ordinance,
• no portio of the ordinance/fruit has been written/produced restraint me by any other peculiar save
where collaboration has been authorised by the matter lecturer/tutor disturbed,
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 9
• you are informed that this is-sue may be reproduced and submitted to plagiarism exposure software
programs restraint the point of detecting potential plagiarism (Which may keep a representation on its postulatesbase
restraint controlthcoming plagiarism checking.)
• you hereby assure that no portio of this ordinance or fruit has been submitted by you in another
(antecedent or prevalent) duty, save where divertly referenced, and with controlmer permission
from the Lecturer/Tutor/Ace Coordinator restraint this ace.
Autumn 2020 300575 Networked Systems Cunning 10
Marking Theory:
The temper of your deliverables conquer be evaluated with the aftercited rubric.
CRITERIA Unsatisfactor
y (0%)
Very Good
g Theory
25 Referablees
Does referable attributable attributable
meet any
Singly equitable meets
Does referable attributable attributable attributable recital
restraint enlargement in any
way. Inefficient
reason of available
discourse room.
Meets basic
Accounts restraint
enlargement in some
way. Referable attributable attributable attributable an
optimal reason of
discourse room.
Meets most
Accounts restraint
enlargement in some
way. Efficient
reason of available
discourse room.
Meets whole
Accounts restraint
enlargement in an
optimal form.
Most efficient
reason of available
discourse room.
20 Referablees
n agreed or
does referable attributable attributable
inclose any of
the minimum
documentation is
unadorned and referable attributable attributable attributable of
a authoritative
standard. Hard to
recognize and
imply or
does referable attributable attributable attributable inclose
whole of the
required individualitys.
contains whole of
the minimum
eventually it is
simplistic and
singly equitable of a
standard. It is
hard to recognize
and imply.
is of a
standard, eventually its
layout is referable attributable attributable
optimal or it is
referable attributable self-possessed to
recognize or
is of a
standard. It is
well-mannered written
and open with
a layout that is
self-possessed to recognize
Reason of Diagrams
10 Referablees
Inconsiderate argumentative
diagram and/or
Illegible or
Considerate argumentative
diagram poorly
argumentative diagram
well-mannered executed
no other
diagrams reasond
or do referable attributable attributable attributable add
to the
of the cunning.
argumentative diagram
very polite-mannered
executed and
uses diagrams
that promote in the
of the cunning.
20 Referablees
ACLs referable attributable attributable
ACL rule
defined and
ACL rule
defined save
ACL rule
defined and
applied save referable attributable attributable
Optimal ACL
rule correspondently
defined and
and Experiment.
25 Referablees
No Packet
implement and
experiment or the
Packet Tracer
n does referable attributable attributable
match the
cunning or
Packet Tracer
matches the
submitted cunning
and attached
eventually it is
poorly lpromote out
and referable attributable attributable
Packet Tracer
matches the
cunning and
and is polite-mannered-mannered laid
out eventually referable attributable attributable
past than 60%
of the demandd
items are
Packet Tracer
matches the
cunning and
and is polite-mannered-mannered laid
out eventually
referable attributable past than
80% of the
items are
Packet Tracer
matches the
cunning and
and is polite-mannered-mannered laid
out with past
than 80% of the
100 Referablees
Appendix 1 Tables
Sample Table A.1 IPv4 Subnetting Table
Reckon Subnet Discourse Subnet Mask Hosts Demandd Maximum Hosts in
In Reasons
(Yes or No)
Sample Table A.2 IPv6 Discourseing Table
Reckon IPv6 Prefix/Prefix length
In Reasons
(Yes or No)
Netis-sue Indicate
Sample Table A.3 Contrivance Interface IP Discourseing Table
Contrivance Interface IPv4 discourse Subnet Mask IPv6 Discourse/Prefix Length
Cam1 Cam2

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