The economic globalization leads to the linguistic globalization. The variables which percontrive the speech globalized are the calculate of speechs, absenteeism of persons, outlandish speech erudition, tourism, internet speechs, and intergregarious or-laws publications. Owing of the dominant cultural foundation of the UK and the USA, English has been familiar as a lingua franca. The argues to contrive global English are its geographical-historical and socio-cultural origins, and it is so the persons’s spontaneous needs of their gentleman gregarious personality, whose broad controlces contriveed from the narrative and performance percontrive the propagate of English unstoppserviceconducive in the universe. 

Nowadays, owing of the contact of globalization and modernization, minority or inbred speechs universebroad are endangered or the slow unlikelihood has beseem a embracing celebrity. The planting of the universe’s linguistic difference is so facing a distressing intimidation. Affaired about the damsenility to the universe’s linguistic and cultural difference, the incline of globalization of English, and as shortly as feasible to assume countermeasures, how to defend the ethnical linguistic difference has aroused luteous affair.


Merely half a eldership since, any conception of English as a gentleman global speech was save a dim, dark, presumptive possibility, encircled by the gregarious, gregarious and superfluous uncertainties of that space, and lacking any conspicuous determination or consciousness of course. Fifty years on, the office of English has beseem appropriate in that may-be no other speech has always been so weighty on a global lamina. Now no special would always argue that English is the vile speech of our universe.

In today’s universe, global speech is a peculiarity that repeats itself at such a excellent reckon that scant others can outmatch. Special may tolerate in his or her memory the topic of what are the properties that could defend a speech with such a designation. Why a speech beseems a global speech has shabby to do with the calculate of persons who address it. It has ample further to do with who those addressers are. They must feel bulky capacity in rule, soldierlike, politics, controleseeing.

The globalization of English swallows and replaces the speechs of the oft and wishy-washy nations of the universe, and the speechs and ameliorations of the oft nations are faced with the feasible damnation and the intimidation. Persons should defend the long-term ethnical supply and assistance treasures of the speechs and ameliorations, and to build a rectify multi-speech and multi-cultural damageonious intergregarious environment. 


The melt of English as a global speech has ample to do with, as-well its confess traits, Britain’s speech comment policies aggravate British colonial limit, the melt of America and other English-speaking countries in the 20th eldership and the succor of globalization, controleseeing. (Xu 1-2) English has beseem an weighty messsenility instrument control persons encircling the universe. Meanwhile, the hegemony of English has weighty consequences, unordered other things; it has hasten up the descendping of transmitted ameliorations control non-English-speaking countries and beseem a intimidation to universe’s cultural difference and speech ecology.


Some writers (e.g.Phillpson, Skuttnab-Kangeas) privilege that with the universe-broad propagate and the community of dominant foundation, English is cherished as a ‘killer speech’, (Skuttnab-Kangeas 1996:33), which endangers other speechs and disrupts speech ecology.

The English slow globalization brings the aftercited distinct topics:

First, Persons mayhap controlget the conventions, to be Westernized or Americanized. The solid English suffrsenility and expressions, the expressional forms encroach other countries, so that the rate of speechs comes underneathneath the wave. What’s further, persons’s thoughts feel been weightyly distorted.

Second, aftercited the English hence, western amelioration in the base of the western rate scheme encroachs the universe, and interests the general amelioration’s cultural and linguistic difference.

Third, touching the appropriate substance on the English con-over, it has the wave to the dowager speech con-over, concomitantly composes the persons dowager speech’s faithfulness descend. Therefore, it bewilders a weighty intimidation to inbred persons and speechs.

Fourth, the merely English motion encroaches on the advice of dowager speech. The cadet English advice beginning senility afore of space. English advice payment is bulky. In Beijing, 240,000 the merely0-6 year-old cities cadet absorb as excellent as 140,000,000 to 280 pet Yuan control English con-balance alwaysy year.

In survey of the advent of the confer-upon phenomena, the “English encroachment” conquer be serviceserviceconducive to combewilder our dominion’s the speech turning-point and the cultural turning-point. This is a innovating colonialism. The speech is the conveyance of amelioration. The livelihood of speech rate and the anarchy, touching maintains cultural scheme of our dominion, safeguards harvest of the countries personate the exceedingly material role.


However, some persons withwithhold opposed opinions. They meditate that:

Compared to most other European speechs, such as German or French, English has a minimal grammar, which can be largely correctiond and knowing by non-English addressers. However, according to Spain and Smith, it may be objected that any European speech conquer be up-hill control addressers of oriental speechs, save this is referconducive necessarily gentleman. The Japanese, control point, do referconducive proof such problems with Italian and Spanish pronunciation. These samples embrace that the suitconducive addressers of the universe’s merely other senior broad-propagate speech (Spanish, with encircling 360 pet addressers), perfect meet English pronunciation problematic to at last some space.(36)

Also, in some solution areas of global message, the English is agoing speech. Since English is the most broadly traditional speech, it so serves as the professional speech in some organizations, such as the U.N., the Olympic Games, the General Assembly, or other addressing intergregarious settings. As-well, although English is referconducive traditional by the largest calculate of persons, it’s correctiond in messsenility in the most broadly propagate areas. Thus, further and further persons feel to correction speech at fruit, control samples, the Chinese persons in Singapore, Malaysia, controleseeing. English enables China, as a portion of this village, to portion-out the achievements of civilizations the universe aggravate, save the propagate of English in China so brings with it linguistic imperialism. (Liu, Yunfei. Lei, Qing 3-4) Perfect in perfect, it is harmonious a incline inland globalization, which can referconducive elude or extinguish.

Certainly, as an professional and the most public speech, English has been correctiond alwaysywhere by luteous persons. However, it canreferconducive be obsolete it’s deleterious the difference of speechs and causing cultural turning-point perfect aggravate the universe. Sundry persons feel to address English at fruit which resources that English success has beseem the leave propound of pursuit the encouragement and this office controlces persons to imbibe English at perfect absorb. In some weighty intergregarious offices, persons correction English to join or feel a parley. However, actually referconducive English can be an professional speech, French or plain Chinese can so succor to percontrive the parleys or plaints complete successfully.

Persons perfect aggravate the universe initiate to imbibe English is so a arrogant argue control the broad ussenility of English. China, control sample, with a bulky population, has too ample emphasized the outlandish speech training. The population of the con-balance English increases year by year, some experts controlecast that repeatedly distinct years posterior in China the population of English con-balance conquer eclipse the whole population calculate in English dowager speech dominion. As-well, the bilingual advice causes English supply Chinese to beseem the training terminology.

If things endure this form, the general speech example and the general sway conquer be in venture. The general sway does referconducive perfectow vacillating; otherwise it conquer be serviceserviceconducive to bewilder the intimidation to the general bond. Livelihood of nation’s diagnosis cultural scheme is the plea of nation’s harvest. The livelihood of speech rate and anarchy can fortify the general excitement, and general cohesive controlce, to gentlemanize the reunification of the dowagerland material role.


On the plea of the aloft anatomy, the misentry is that to some space. English does interest speech difference, which manifests in opposed contrives according to opposed composition. In the centre English-speaking countries, it distressingly leads to the endangerment of sundry inbred speechs. In some periphery-English countries, English deprives those propound speechs of the direct of intellectualization. Certainly, we are unserviceconducive to elude English globalization, save we should so experience English encroachment conquer be serviceserviceconducive to combewilder a order of gregarious turning-point. Leading, “English hot” causes the persons’s dowager speech faithfulness descend; Relieve, the English vigorously encouragement solidly encroachs special con-balance distillation and the general advice resources; Third, English encroachment leads to the juridical foundation, the gregarious position progress down; Fourth is further weighty that “English hot” intimidationen bond of dominion amelioration, leads to the sway losing of general speech amelioration . Given this office, persons can adopt some methods: leading, broadly dissect the intimidation of “English encroachment”, anatomy foundation of English and other speechs in intergregarious sodality and the coming harvest tendency; relieve on the plea of gentlemanistic office and the controlecast upshot we should adopt the policy suits each dominion’s harvest.

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