Double-blind control experiment is a method in which neither the participants and experimenters know who is receiving a particular treatment during the experiment.

It is a method used to avoid arising bias in a research study or cooperation products comparison.The blind experiment will minimize the researchers emphasize on the product during the collection of data[NOV 14,2008].

The double-blind control experiment is mostly and effectively used in a medical research study during the test of the effectiveness of a new drug produced.It helps in the study to ensure that the taste and the placebo look of a drug on first use is the same as the actual drug.It will lead to an honest baseline and realistic statistical comparison of the effect of the new drug and the actual drug.

During a research to test the effect of a new drug,the researcher will have the participants on independent variable and dependent variable where those on independent variable act as control group and will set a baseline data while those on dependent variable act as experimental group and will give the results of the effect of the treatment. Therefore, the researcher will give the drug packaged the same to the participants but some will receive the actual drug while the others will receive the new drug.The data will be collected from both groups and results compared to identify the different effects of the drugs.During these experiment the participants and experimenters should not know who is receiving the actual and new drug hence leading to correct data collected.


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