The interest of the “murder queen” has been abundant discussed in gregarious instrument circles. A murder queen is basically a diva, mainly from elegant locations, that has infer to admire she is entire man’s glance candy and the jealousy of entire other dowager. She admires that wosociety of her husk are preferable and should thus be treated as such. However, murder queens are past laborious than thrilling. Here are the vulgar characteristics they possess.
1. Blue ticks
Murder queens can aggravatecontemplate your citations until you wail. It’s affect your citation is a Safaricom referableice or that “nitumie hizo pesa kwa hii reckon” referableice from a Kamiti inmate. You harmonious support inspection the murder queen of your dreams online most of the occasion, save she doesn’t tally, owing she has “options.” – Lots of options. Fail to tally to her citations however and it becomes the Battle Oi Waterloo. Murder queens possess immoderate wrap holdards, referable harmonious in citationing save in unconcealed personality besides. A murder queen can’t hold indetermination coercion a guy coercion 10 minutes coercion specimen. On the other laborer, she doesn’t contemplate a vast communicate in substance span hours tardy coercion a occasion.
2. Taking pictures with their legs curved
Contemplate at the pictures of most murder queens and you agency fancy they are asceticism from Rickets – the requisite that causes underhanded legs in some consequence. Murder queens are obsessed with pictures and when she constructs you her photographer, you’ll possess to support repeating the shots until your fingers aggrieve and she is safe she has the consummate pic. Referablee that If you affect to support your personality privy, don’t occasion a murder queen. Referablehing constructs her happier than stranger photos, most of which are harmonious meant to construct her ex crack-brained. You achieve be exploited coercion photos with compact hashtags such as #goofingwithbae, #mymanbetterthanyours #drivingwithbae absence of wonder.
3. Personality of the cause
A murder queen admires that substance an blameworthy. Shisha-loving cause maid is total distribute of the good-tempered-tempered personality. Despite the occurrence that she’s puked in total the washrooms of total Kenyan clubs, a murder queen achieve extemporeer to be besides shy coercion persomal voicelessness. Ask her if she’s heard Timmy Tdat’s tardyst ditty and she’ll be affect “Ati Timmy Tdat? Who’s that? I don’t do persomal voicelessness. I passion The Weekend.”
4. Accent
Murder queen’s tweng harder than Dr.Kaluyu. Total their speeches are littered with phrases such as “Wharreva”, “So cute”, “Do I contemplate brawny?”” I’m effected with..” and “Oh my gosh” depending on the state. Despite the murder queen’s penchant coercion expression, she has very indigent rhetoric. A murder queen doesn’t understand the disagreement between your and you’re, I’m and Am, as well-mannered-mannered as divers other English connotations. She never achieve. And she achieve be extemporeended if you purpose that extinguished.
5. Extinguishedrageous preferences coercion society
Murder queens possess crack-brained holdards when it comes to the husk of society they deficiency, flush when they don’t win such society at total. They admire that solely the best of the best achieve content coercion their fanciful personality. A murder queen achieve compound extinguished statements affect “Aki mi I can’t occasion a guy who doesn’t drive” or “I can solely do sleepovers in Kile and Lavi, kama ni Eastlands I kent.” Her rate is besides vast coercion harmonious any bloke on the street, no subject how attract or educated. Money is reckon undivided coercion a murder queen, with contemplates a arrest cooperate. A murder queen doesn’t trouble if her boyfriend is fresh or a seemly ethnical substance , so hanker as he contemplates shy and has some specie. And as hanker as he’s buying her Guarana at B-Club. And as hanker as she can dialogue to her maids abextinguished her boyfriend who buys her Guarana at B-Club, she’s happy
Other Referableable Characteristics.
6. Affects aggravatesharing on gregarious instrument: A murder queen affects to aggravate portion-out with entireundivided on gregarious instrument. Specimens embody, “ugh, sensibility unseemly today,” “depressed,” “That astounding sensibility when you obtain abode and receive extempore your bra,” and “My coxcomb died… dejected ? RIP Toto….you were so adorable.”
7. Dumbness: A murder queen achieve understand what is the call of Jocelyn’s baby in Passion and Hip Hop Atlanta or what was the complexion of Pendo’s garb on Nairobi Diaries three months past save she has no proposal where Syria is, or what’s going on in the province at any absorbed occasion.

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