CSE 368 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Summer 2020
Ordinance 1 – Solving sliding amount using uniformed inquiry
Due Date: Sunday, June 9, 11:59pm
1 Ordinance Overview
The design of the ordinance is to performance-out a sliding amount using uniformed inquiry algorithms.
Part 1 [45 points] – Performance-out the amount using breadth-first inquiry (BFS)
Part 2 [45 points] – Performance-out the amount using depth-first inquiry (DFS)
Report [10 points] – Show your results interpretation
2 Deliverable
There are brace tonnage in your yielding (intrinsic they are in-individual into Jupyter referableebook):
• Report
Report can be produced, either as a pdf or straightly in Jupyter referableebook. In your report:
– Describe the estrangement between BFS/DFS
– Show your results following applying twain approaches to performance-out the sliding amount
– List the succession of actions that each of the algorithms took
– Write explication of your results
– Show the interval it took each of the algorithms to performance-out the amount
• Command
The command of your implementations. Command in Python is the simply genuine individual coercion this purpose. You can
present the command in Jupyter Referableebook or Python script. You can present multiple smooths, yet they full
need to enjoy a intelligible naming.
3 Yielding
To present your performance, infer your pdf, ipynb/python script to zip smooth Y OUR_UBIT_assignment1.zip (e.g.
avereshc_assignemtn1.zip) and upload it to UBlearns (Assignments minority). Following finishing the purpose
grading, you may be asked to present it to the educator if your results and rationalistic in your report
are referable intelligible ample.
4 Important Information
This ordinance is produced individually. The established prudence of the Department is that full students concerned in
an academic rectitude violation (e.g. plagiarism in any practice, outline, or coercionm) conciliate assent-to an F gradation.
5 Important Dates
June 9, Tue, 11:59pm – Ordinance 1 is Due

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