Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
CVE20002 Computer Aided Engineering Civil, Semester 1, 2020
Device Brief:
Each adjust should entertain a zenith of 2 students. You scarcity to fit constructive multilevel
edifice with divert goods and other manifest and interior marks. In this device,
your adjust is assigned to guile a four-level duty edifice utilizing a fix of 25m x 40m.
An extensive and efficient utilization of Autodesk Revit mildware in guile is required parallel
to the weekly lab sessions. Goods and other connected objects can be leading from goods
families unarranged the Revit mildware to mirror the environment within the edifice. Guile of a
staircase is required cessationraint unconstrained entrance unarranged whole the levels. To further you with this operation, it is
recommended to flourish the item guardianials to consummate your desired objectives. Device toil conquer
be reviewed by your guardian in adjust whole week and he/she conquer likeness you examples of previous
adjust toils.
The resignation due bound is 5th of June 2020 object of the day.
Technical details:
You scarcity to revolve the flourishing details in the guile:
– The edifice covers 65% of the fix.
– Level culmination is 3.5m cessationraint whole levels (ground, primeval, second and third floors). The plea floor
should be contrariant to whole other levels.
– The support bigness is 300 x 600 mm cessationraint across support or 450 mm cessationraint round support.
– The remoteness betwixt couple supports should referable be further than 7.5 metres.
– Concrete beams entertain width of 300mm, and profoundness of 400 mm and the slab obesity is
– Structural rudiments slab is to be manifestationd with 500mm profoundness.
– Car parking is to be revolveed with zenith of 10 parking spots.
– You may manifestation the cessation of the area cessationraint fixscaping.
The resignation should grasp online resignation with flourishing details:
Cover page
a. Student names b. ID gum c. year, question edict, day and date of adjust attended
Revit 3D exampleling of the edifice, rendered example and guiles,
Example the full edifice in Revit using the enlightenment acquired in the guardianial sessions.
In manage to exhibit the example effectively, you scarcity to educe architectural and structural
drawings sets. Rendering is a wide mark which is utilized to likenesscase your device to your
clients with some realistic views. A mild portraiture of the Revit example must be established as
instructed in the resignation requirements. You scarcity to refer the guile sheets cessationraint the
plans, elevations, sections and 3D rendered example.

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