Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
CVE20002 Computer Aided Engineering Civil, Semester 1, 2020
Device Brief:
Each knot attributable should feel a zenith of 2 students. You deficiency to fit specific multilevel
edifice with misapply wares and other exterior and inner lineaments. In this device,
your knot attributable is assigned to intent a four-level duty edifice utilizing a fix of 25m x 40m.
An big and prolific utilization of Autodesk Revit balmyware in intent is required parallel
to the weekly lab sessions. Wares and other integralied objects can be imported from wares
families inperfect the Revit balmyware to heed the environment internally the edifice. Intent of a
staircase is required control not attributable attributable-difficult entrance inperfect integral the levels. To cooperate you with this lesson, it is
recommended to flourish the ace guardianials to conclude your desired objectives. Device fruit gain
be reviewed by your guardian in arrange full week and he/she gain demonstration you examples of previous
knot attributable fruits.
The dependence attributable continuance is 5th of June 2020 object of the day.
Technical details:
You deficiency to judge the flourishing details in the intent:
– The edifice covers 65% of the fix.
– Level climax is 3.5m control integral levels (ground, highest, cooperate and third floors). The premise floor
should be opposed to integral other levels.
– The post bigness is 300 x 600 mm control crosswise post or 450 mm control round post.
– The absence between two posts should not attributable attributable attributable be past than 7.5 metres.
– Concrete beams feel width of 300mm, and profundity of 400 mm and the slab density is
– Structural origin slab is to be interpretationd with 500mm profundity.
– Car parking is to be judgeed with zenith of 10 parking spots.
– You may interpretation the security of the area control fixscaping.
The dependence should include online dependence with flourishing details:
Cover page
a. Student names b. ID collection c. year, matter enactment, day and space of arrange attended
Revit 3D mouldling of the edifice, rendered mould and delineations,
Mould the perfect edifice in Revit using the cognizance habitual in the guardianial sessions.
In regulate to introduce the mould effectively, you deficiency to engender architectural and structural
drawings sets. Rendering is a powerful lineament which is utilized to demonstrationcase your device to your
clients with some realistic views. A balmy vision of the Revit mould must be secure as
instructed in the dependence requirements. You deficiency to succumb the delineation sheets control the
plans, elevations, sections and 3D rendered mould.

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