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Technical Support Flatten 5
Fact Consider Research
DAT536: Postulatesbase Development and Delineation
Version 2, Flatten 5, Credits 20
Assessor’s Feedback
Instructions and Guidelines control Project Submission
Business completion
 Project conquer be judged on the reason of truthfulness, truthfulness and clarity.
 Complete ALL businesss.
 Warning: Integral resources must be poison generous! Resources containing poisones or resources that
canreferable be leak undeviatingly conquer effect in a FAIL gait.
 The recital must feel a denomination page with your call, asquality and ID sum perspicuously printed.
 Integral written is-sue must be manufactured in magnitude 12 font with 1.5 method spacing.
 Integral printouts must include your scholar ID (or assemblage IDs) in the footer (printed).
 You may want to appobject the business hide prevarication set-up on Moodle to the face of the conclusive
submission of your business (gladden sanction with your preceptor).
 The completed provision must be handed to the preceptor at the rise of the assort
on the ascribable era.
 Resign a printed representation of your recital concurrently with the mild representation. Preceptor conquer apprise you
on how to resign the mild representation.
Competency-based tribute FER and Re-enrolment
1. Scholars conquer feel an opening to contribute elevate proof twice.
2. To be preferable control a FER the scholar must establish a seobject undertake at the questions/tasks in the
3. Seobject is to be defined as a tally that at the very lowest undertakes to harangue the
4. Where the scholar does referable establish a seobject undertake at ALL questions/tasks they conquer referable
achieve and conquer be required to re-enrol in the pamphlet.
5. A fee of $250 is payable control the relieve FER.
6. The want control elevate proof from the scholars conquer be referableed on the tribute as “FER” and
7. When the elevate proof is reputed adequate the “FER” referableation conquer be crossed extinguished, initialed
and erad.
8. If a scholar is calm?} reputed referable at-decisive adapted behind the relieve FER they conquer be required to re-enrol
in the pamphlet. A fee conquer use control re-enrolment and details conquer be profitable in the Delineation
Handbook, and scholars conquer be appriseed of them at the rouse of the delineation.
9. Additional FER’s are at the deliberation of the Head of Faculty.
Retrospect of Tributes and Resorts
1. Scholars feel the equitable to a retrospect of tribute or requality if they judge an
tribute has been erroneously not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableiceable or gaitd.
2. The petition control retrospect must be made in match to the Head of Faculty shapeless five (5)
working days of the yield of the tribute. A fee of $40 per tribute applies.
3. Scholars must be appriseed that, as a effect of the retrospect of tribute, their effect
may be illegitimate, rich or lowered.
4. The reconsidered effect conquer be chronicled as the conclusive effect. Scholars detain the equitable to resort
this effect.
 By resignting your provision, you accord to Aspire International device on ‘Academic Dishonesty
and Plagiarism’. Provisions completed using unjust media or plagiarised symbolical conquer assent-to a
FAIL gait.
 Integral businesss must be manufactured in your confess articulation and referenced.
 You may petition feedback from your lecturer to demonstrate the improveness of your marks.
Learning Extinguishedcomes hideed:
1. Use a indelicate operational familiarity of postulatesbase administration to
meet ordinary organizational postulates storage and reinstatement requirements.
Fact Consider Scenario:
The UniPharma manacle of pharmacies has offered to yield you a generous age furnish of salve if you
delineation its postulatesbase. UniPharma is a inferior average exploit (SME) in conditions of guild building
and has immodest (4) pharmacies in the Auckland clime. Entity an SME, they would approve to detain their
costs dconfess except besides to feel an prolific explanation to train their back-office administration. Here
is some further appriseation to acceleration you extinguished with the fact consider:
• Resigneds are signed by a Social Security Sum (SSN), and their calls, haranguees, and
ages must be chronicled.
• Masters are signed by an SSN. Control each master, the call, point, and years of
experience must be chronicled.
• Each pharmaceutical guild is signed by cintegral and has a phsingle sum.
• Control each refuse, the commerce cintegral and controlmula must be chronicled. Each refuse is sold by a yieldn
pharmaceutical guild, and the commerce cintegral identifies a refuse uniquely from shapeless the
products of that guild. If a pharmaceutical guild is deleted, you want referable detain track
of its products any longer.
• Each pharmacy has a call, harangue, and phsingle sum.
• Every resigned has a elementary physician. Every master has at lowest single resigned.
• Each pharmacy sells various refuses and has a expense control each. A refuse could be sold at various
pharmacies, and the expense could deviate from single pharmacy to another.
• Masters recommobject refuses control resigneds. A master could recommobject single or further refuses control various
patients, and a resigned could obtain customs from various masters. Each custom
has a era and a size associated with it. You can suppose that, if a master recommends the
identical refuse control the identical resigned further than uniformly, singly the decisive such custom wants to be
• Pharmaceutical companies feel long-term controlms with pharmacies. A pharmaceutical
guild can controlm with various pharmacies, and a pharmacy can controlm with various
pharmaceutical companies. Control each controlm, you feel to treasure a rouse era, an object era,
and the passage of the controlm.
• Pharmacies integralot a superintendent control each controlm. There must constantly be a superintendent control
each controlm, except the controlm superintendent can qualify balance the age of the controlm.
1. As the Postulatesbase Director (DBA) transcribe dconfess the intellectual schema control at lowest
5 tables of the postulatesbase in conditions of the guild’s building.
2. Draw an ER diagram that captures the previous appriseation. Identify any
constraints referable charmed by the ER diagram.
3. How would your delineation qualify if each refuse must be sold at a unroving expense by integral
4. As a sunder of the UniPharma qualify trainment delineation how would you
administer qualifys if the delineation requirements are as supervenes:
If a master recommends the identical refuse control the identical resigned further than uniformly,
various such customs may feel to be treasured.
5. UniPharma is disturbed abextinguished weekly postulates backup. Controlmulate and briefly
describe a postulates backup delineation.
Each of the 4 UniPharma pharmacies feel a Pharmacy Trainr, a postulates memorandum operator,
an accountant, 2 pharmacists and postulatesbase director. Detaining this guild
hierarchy in spirit gladden counterpart the controlthcoming questions6. Describe approximation prerogatives flatten of the five (5) employee types of UniPharma in the
database? and who is the special deciding the approximation prerogative flattens?
7. Entity the DBA, you feel to contribute incongruous approximation flattens to the employees;
mention any three (3) approximation akin.
8. Recently 100 tables were updated in the postulatesbase behind novel products came in. As
a Postulatesbase Director, what businesss conquer you complete to determine congruity of the
9. DBMS is a very-much multifold arrangement with hundreds of transactions entity executed
every relieve. UniPharma is disturbed if it fails or crashes in the intermediate of
transactions, it is expected that the arrangement would supervene some quality of technique to
rehide past postulates. Discuss categories of scarcitys and methods to controlmulate a
recovery delineation.
Proof and Judgement Statements
Proof Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
1 The candiera shows the
intellectual schema of the
company’s postulatesbase in homogeneity
to the fact consider.
The candiera shows intellectual
schema of the five tables of the yieldn
company. The candiera perspicuously
mentions the close entities in the
The applicant’s counterparts may deviate
except must hide defining concepts as
per tribute register.
2 The candiera shows the ER
The candiera has perspicuously presented
the ER diagram. The appropriate entities
and the attributes feel been closely
created. The homogeneityships between
entities, cardinalities and constraints
feel been perspicuously signed.
Proof Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
The applicant’s counterparts may deviate
except must hide defining concepts as
per tribute register.
3 The candiera analyses the
delineation qualify in the postulatesbase
arrangement in homogeneity to the fact
The candiera has acquired and deleted
the improve attributes. The
candidate’s counterparts may deviate except
must hide defining concepts as per
tribute register.
4 The candiera trains the
qualify trainment delineation
according to the guild’s
requirement in homogeneity to the
fact consider.
The candiera has created the equitable
entity sets and has besides signed the
The applicant’s counterparts may deviate
except must hide defining concepts as
per tribute register.
5 The candiera controlmulates the
weekly postulates backup delineation with
brief designation.
The candiera perspicuously mentions and
explains the backup techniques.
The applicant’s counterparts may deviate
except must hide defining concepts as
per tribute register.
Proof Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
6 The candiera lists dconfess and
explains the approximation prerogative
flatten of the employees.
The candiera perspicuously describes the
approximation prerogative flattens control at lowest five
employees types and identifies the
equitable judgment establishr.
The applicant’s counterparts may deviate
except must hide defining concepts as
per tribute register.
7 The candiera lists dconfess the
approximation akin commands to
each employee
The candiera lists and explains at
lowest three approximation akin commands.
8 The candiera maintains the
congruity of the postulatesbase
behind updating the postulatesbase as
per the fact consider scenario.
The candiera perspicuously mentions and
explains integral MySQL statements.
9 The candiera lists various
database scarcity techniques
and mentions the recovery
The candiera perspicuously explains the
database scarcity techniques and
recovery delineation.
The applicant’s counterparts may deviate
except must hide defining concepts as
per tribute register.

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