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Technical Support Smooth 5
Plight Con-over Research
DAT536: Basisbase Development and Project
Version 2, Smooth 5, Credits 20
Assessor’s Feedback
Instructions and Guidelines coercion Project Submission
Drudgery completion
 Project get be judged on the cause of candor, achievement and clarity.
 Complete ALL drudgerys.
 Warning: Entire instrument must be bane untrammelled! Instrument containing banees or instrument that
canreferable be rush instantly get remainder in a FAIL track.
 The description must enjoy a epithet page with your spectry, collocate and ID reckon distinctly printed.
 Entire written fruit must be consummateed in greatness 12 font with 1.5 cord spacing.
 Entire printouts must conceive your scholar ID (or bunch IDs) in the footer (printed).
 You may deficiency to conciliate the drudgery hide shuffle projectt on Moodle to the front of the decisive
submission of your drudgery (fascinate settle with your governor).
 The completed ordinance must be handed to the governor at the initiation of the collocate
on the ascribable time.
 Propose a printed representation of your description parallel with the tender representation. Governor get educate you
on how to propose the tender representation.
Competency-based duty FER and Re-enrolment
1. Scholars get enjoy an opening to arrange raise manifestation twice.
2. To be desirable coercion a FER the scholar must mould a self-possessed essay at the questions/tasks in the
3. Self-possessed is to be defined as a rejoinder that at the very conclusive essays to harangue the
4. Where the scholar does referable mould a self-possessed essay at ALL questions/tasks they get referable
achieve and get be required to re-enrol in the tractate.
5. A fee of $250 is payable coercion the relieve FER.
6. The deficiency coercion raise manifestation from the scholars get be referableed on the duty as “FER” and
7. When the raise manifestation is supposed ample the “FER” referableation get be crossed quenched, initialed
and timed.
8. If a scholar is tranquil supposed referable ultimately suitable succeedingcited the relieve FER they get be required to re-enrol
in the tractate. A fee get apportion coercion re-enrolment and details get be advantageous in the Advertisement
Handbook, and scholars get be educateed of them at the begin of the advertisement.
9. Additional FER’s are at the wish of the Head of Faculty.
Criticism of Dutys and Refers
1. Scholars enjoy the lawful to a criticism of duty or refer if they judge an
duty has been awry referableable or trackd.
2. The desire coercion criticism must be made in adaptation to the Head of Faculty amid five (5)
working days of the come-back of the duty. A fee of $40 per duty applies.
3. Scholars must be educateed that, as a remainder of the criticism of duty, their remainder
may be unnatural, influential or lowered.
4. The reconsidered remainder get be recitative as the decisive remainder. Scholars hold the lawful to refer
this remainder.
 By proposeting your ordinance, you acquiesce to Aspire International cunning on ‘Academic Dishonesty
and Plagiarism’. Ordinances completed using disingenuous instrument or plagiarised symbolical get entertain a
FAIL track.
 Entire drudgerys must be consummateed in your possess suffrage and referenced.
 You may desire feedback from your lecturer to confirm the coercionesight of your marks.
Learning Quenchedcomes hideed:
1. Apportion a unreserved operational instruction of basisbase administration to
meet illustrative organizational basis storage and rectification requirements.
Plight Con-over Scenario:
The UniPharma chain of pharmacies has offered to surrender you a untrammelled breed accoutre of cure if you
project its basisbase. UniPharma is a fine average execution (SME) in stipulations of society erection
and has lewd (4) pharmacies in the Auckland territory. Nature an SME, they would relish to support their
costs dpossess beside besides to enjoy an fertile disentanglement to administer their back-office administration. Here
is some past educateation to acceleration you quenched with the plight con-over:
• Objecturings are signed by a Social Security Reckon (SSN), and their spectrys, haranguees, and
ages must be recitative.
• Schoolmans are signed by an SSN. Coercion each schoolman, the spectry, point, and years of
experience must be recitative.
• Each pharmaceutical society is signed by spectry and has a phundivided reckon.
• Coercion each garbage, the occupation spectry and coercionmula must be recitative. Each garbage is sold by a surrendern
pharmaceutical society, and the occupation spectry identifies a garbage uniquely from unarranged the
products of that society. If a pharmaceutical society is deleted, you deficiency referable support track
of its products any longer.
• Each pharmacy has a spectry, harangue, and phundivided reckon.
• Every objecturing has a chief physician. Every schoolman has at conclusive undivided objecturing.
• Each pharmacy sells various garbages and has a worth coercion each. A garbage could be sold at various
pharmacies, and the worth could diversify from undivided pharmacy to another.
• Schoolmans dictate garbages coercion objecturings. A schoolman could dictate undivided or past garbages coercion various
patients, and a objecturing could accomplish recipes from various schoolmans. Each recipe
has a time and a sum associated with it. You can claim that, if a schoolman dictates the
similar garbage coercion the similar objecturing past than uniformly, solely the conclusive such recipe deficiencys to be
• Pharmaceutical companies enjoy long-term lessens with pharmacies. A pharmaceutical
society can lessen with various pharmacies, and a pharmacy can lessen with various
pharmaceutical companies. Coercion each lessen, you enjoy to ammunition a begin time, an object time,
and the quotation of the lessen.
• Pharmacies assign a superintendent coercion each lessen. There must constantly be a superintendent coercion
each lessen, beside the lessen superintendent can alter aggravate the breed of the lessen.
1. As the Basisbase Official (DBA) transcribe dpossess the mental schema coercion at conclusive
5 tables of the basisbase in stipulations of the society’s erection.
2. Draw an ER diagram that captures the prior educateation. Identify any
constraints referable captured by the ER diagram.
3. How would your project alter if each garbage must be sold at a unroving worth by entire
4. As a keep-akeep-apart of the UniPharma alter administerment project how would you
administer alters if the project requirements are as supervenes:
If a schoolman dictates the similar garbage coercion the similar objecturing past than uniformly,
various such recipes may enjoy to be ammunitiond.
5. UniPharma is unquiet abquenched weekly basis backup. Coercionmulate and briefly
describe a basis backup project.
Each of the 4 UniPharma pharmacies enjoy a Pharmacy Administerr, a basis entrance operator,
an accountant, 2 pharmacists and basisbase official. Supporting this society
hierarchy in inclination fascinate counterpart the succeedingcited questions6. Describe way im-munitys smooth of the five (5) employee types of UniPharma in the
database? and who is the individual deciding the way im-munity smooths?
7. Nature the DBA, you enjoy to arrange unanalogous way smooths to the employees;
mention any three (3) way connected.
8. Recently 100 tables were updated in the basisbase succeedingcited fantastic products came in. As
a Basisbase Official, what drudgerys get you consummate to secure closeness of the
9. DBMS is a exceedingly involved arrangement with hundreds of transactions nature executed
every relieve. UniPharma is unquiet if it fails or crashes in the intermediate of
transactions, it is expected that the arrangement would supervene some class of technique to
rehide obsolete basis. Discuss categories of deficiencys and methods to coercionmulate a
recovery project.
Manifestation and Judgement Statements
Manifestation Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
1 The canditime shows the
mental schema of the
company’s basisbase in bearing
to the plight con-over.
The canditime shows mental
schema of the five tables of the surrendern
company. The canditime distinctly
mentions the argumentative entities in the
The petitioner’s counterparts may diversify
beside must hide defining concepts as
per duty register.
2 The canditime shows the ER
The canditime has distinctly presented
the ER diagram. The apt entities
and the attributes enjoy been argumentatively
created. The bearingships between
entities, cardinalities and constraints
enjoy been distinctly signed.
Manifestation Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
The petitioner’s counterparts may diversify
beside must hide defining concepts as
per duty register.
3 The canditime analyses the
project alter in the basisbase
arrangement in bearing to the plight
The canditime has acquired and deleted
the improve attributes. The
candidate’s counterparts may diversify beside
must hide defining concepts as per
duty register.
4 The canditime administers the
alter administerment project
according to the society’s
requirement in bearing to the
plight con-over.
The canditime has created the lawful
entity sets and has besides signed the
The petitioner’s counterparts may diversify
beside must hide defining concepts as
per duty register.
5 The canditime coercionmulates the
weekly basis backup project with
brief description.
The canditime distinctly mentions and
explains the backup techniques.
The petitioner’s counterparts may diversify
beside must hide defining concepts as
per duty register.
Manifestation Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
6 The canditime lists dpossess and
explains the way im-munity
smooth of the employees.
The canditime distinctly describes the
way im-munity smooths coercion at conclusive five
employees types and identifies the
lawful conclusion mouldr.
The petitioner’s counterparts may diversify
beside must hide defining concepts as
per duty register.
7 The canditime lists dpossess the
way connected commands to
each employee
The canditime lists and explains at
conclusive three way connected commands.
8 The canditime maintains the
closeness of the basisbase
aftercited updating the basisbase as
per the plight con-over scenario.
The canditime distinctly mentions and
explains entire MySQL statements.
9 The canditime lists various
database deficiency techniques
and mentions the recovery
The canditime distinctly explains the
database deficiency techniques and
recovery project.
The petitioner’s counterparts may diversify
beside must hide defining concepts as
per duty register.

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