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Technical Support Smooth 5
Contingency Con-over Research
DAT536: Postulatesbase Development and Intent
Version 2, Smooth 5, Credits 20
Assessor’s Feedback
Instructions and Guidelines control Project Submission
Toil completion
 Project integralure be judged on the premise of single-mindedness, controlesight and clarity.
 Complete ALL toils.
 Warning: Integral resources must be poison unoccupied! Resources containing poisones or resources that
canreferable be fly immediately integralure fruit in a FAIL trice.
 The noise must obey a appellation page with your indicate, collocate and ID compute plainly printed.
 Integral written operation must be accomplished in magnitude 12 font with 1.5 thread spacing.
 Integral printouts must grasp your ward ID (or collection IDs) in the footer (printed).
 You may demand to fasten the toil screen shuffle build on Moodle to the face of the terminal
submission of your toil (fascinate perpetuate with your master).
 The completed ordinance must be handed to the master at the opening of the collocate
on the due continuance.
 Resign a printed representation of your noise concurrently with the delicate representation. Master integralure imsegregate you
on how to resign the delicate representation.
Competency-based tribute FER and Re-enrolment
1. Wards integralure obey an turn to cater prefer appearance twice.
2. To be choice control a FER the ward must produce a selimit undertake at the questions/tasks in the
3. Selimit is to be defined as a defense that at the very meanest undertakes to harangue the
4. Where the ward does referable produce a selimit undertake at ALL questions/tasks they integralure referable
achieve and integralure be required to re-enrol in the dissertation.
5. A fee of $250 is payable control the avoid FER.
6. The demand control prefer appearance from the wards integralure be referableed on the tribute as “FER” and
7. When the prefer appearance is reputed bland the “FER” referableation integralure be crossed extinguished, initialed
and continuanced.
8. If a ward is stagnant reputed referable still adapted behindcited the avoid FER they integralure be required to re-enrol
in the dissertation. A fee integralure apportion control re-enrolment and details integralure be serviceable in the Advertisement
Handbook, and wards integralure be imparted of them at the set-quenched of the advertisement.
9. Additional FER’s are at the deliberation of the Head of Faculty.
Critique of Tributes and Resorts
1. Wards obey the redress to a critique of tribute or reclass if they affect an
tribute has been awry conspicuous or triced.
2. The entreat control critique must be made in comportment to the Head of Faculty amid five (5)
working days of the produce of the tribute. A fee of $40 per tribute applies.
3. Wards must be imparted that, as a fruit of the critique of tribute, their fruit
may be illegal, violent or lowered.
4. The reconsidered fruit integralure be recitative as the terminal fruit. Wards restrain the redress to resort
this fruit.
 By resignting your ordinance, you comport to Aspire International device on ‘Academic Dishonesty
and Plagiarism’. Ordinances completed using trickish resources or plagiarised embodied integralure hold a
FAIL trice.
 Integral toils must be accomplished in your hold tundivided and referenced.
 You may entreat feedback from your lecturer to authenticate the exactness of your marks.
Learning Extinguishedcomes screened:
1. Apportion a liberal operational scholarship of postulatesbase government to
meet customary organizational postulates storage and replacement requirements.
Contingency Con-over Scenario:
The UniPharma security of pharmacies has offered to afford you a unoccupied epoch yield of redressive if you
intent its postulatesbase. UniPharma is a feeble average enterprise (SME) in conditions of corporation organization
and has four (4) pharmacies in the Auckland country. Substance an SME, they would enjoy to obey their
costs dhold excepting too to obey an fertile key to control their back-office government. Here
is some aggravate impartation to acceleration you extinguished with the contingency con-over:
• Unrepinings are attested by a Social Security Compute (SSN), and their indicates, haranguees, and
ages must be recitative.
• Savants are attested by an SSN. Control each savant, the indicate, element, and years of
experience must be recitative.
• Each pharmaceutical corporation is attested by indicate and has a phundivided compute.
• Control each refuse, the employment indicate and controlmula must be recitative. Each refuse is sold by a affordn
pharmaceutical corporation, and the employment indicate identifies a refuse uniquely from unordered the
products of that corporation. If a pharmaceutical corporation is deleted, you demand referable obey track
of its products any longer.
• Each pharmacy has a indicate, harangue, and phundivided compute.
• Every unrepining has a pristine physician. Every savant has at meanest undivided unrepining.
• Each pharmacy sells separate refuses and has a expense control each. A refuse could be sold at separate
pharmacies, and the expense could diversify from undivided pharmacy to another.
• Savants recommobject refuses control unrepinings. A savant could recommobject undivided or aggravate refuses control separate
patients, and a unrepining could succeed customs from separate savants. Each custom
has a continuance and a measure associated with it. You can usurp that, if a savant recommends the
similar refuse control the similar unrepining aggravate than uniformly, barely the definite such custom demands to be
• Pharmaceutical companies obey long-term agrees with pharmacies. A pharmaceutical
corporation can agree with separate pharmacies, and a pharmacy can agree with separate
pharmaceutical companies. Control each agree, you obey to provision a set-quenched continuance, an object continuance,
and the quotation of the agree.
• Pharmacies intentate a director control each agree. There must frequently be a director control
each agree, excepting the agree director can shift aggravate the epoch of the agree.
1. As the Postulatesbase Director (DBA) transcribe dhold the subjective schema control at meanest
5 tables of the postulatesbase in conditions of the corporation’s organization.
2. Draw an ER diagram that captures the precedent impartation. Identify any
constraints referable fascinated by the ER diagram.
3. How would your intent shift if each refuse must be sold at a unwandering expense by integral
4. As a segregate of the UniPharma shift controlment sketch how would you
administer shifts if the intent requirements are as ensues:
If a savant recommends the similar refuse control the similar unrepining aggravate than uniformly,
separate such customs may obey to be provisiond.
5. UniPharma is careful abextinguished weekly postulates backup. Controlmulate and briefly
describe a postulates backup sketch.
Each of the 4 UniPharma pharmacies obey a Pharmacy Controlr, a postulates entrance operator,
an accountant, 2 pharmacists and postulatesbase director. Obeying this corporation
hierarchy in remembrance fascinate reply the behindcited questions6. Describe advance exemptions smooth of the five (5) employee types of UniPharma in the
database? and who is the idiosyncratic deciding the advance exemption smooths?
7. Substance the DBA, you obey to cater contrariant advance smooths to the employees;
mention any three (3) advance integralied.
8. Recently 100 tables were updated in the postulatesbase behindcited odd products came in. As
a Postulatesbase Director, what toils integralure you accomplish to secure compound of the
9. DBMS is a very-much intricate arrangement with hundreds of transactions substance executed
every avoid. UniPharma is careful if it fails or crashes in the intermediate of
transactions, it is expected that the arrangement would ensue some class of technique to
rescreen lost postulates. Discuss categories of wants and methods to controlmulate a
recovery sketch.
Appearance and Judgement Statements
Appearance Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
1 The candicontinuance shows the
subjective schema of the
company’s postulatesbase in relative
to the contingency con-over.
The candicontinuance shows subjective
schema of the five tables of the affordn
company. The candicontinuance plainly
mentions the argumentative entities in the
The aspirant’s replys may diversify
excepting must screen defining concepts as
per tribute list.
2 The candicontinuance shows the ER
The candicontinuance has plainly presented
the ER diagram. The appropriate entities
and the attributes obey been argumentatively
created. The relativeships between
entities, cardinalities and constraints
obey been plainly attested.
Appearance Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
The aspirant’s replys may diversify
excepting must screen defining concepts as
per tribute list.
3 The candicontinuance analyses the
intent shift in the postulatesbase
arrangement in relative to the contingency
The candicontinuance has borrowed and deleted
the redress attributes. The
candidate’s replys may diversify excepting
must screen defining concepts as per
tribute list.
4 The candicontinuance controls the
shift controlment sketch
according to the corporation’s
requirement in relative to the
contingency con-over.
The candicontinuance has created the redress
entity sets and has too attested the
The aspirant’s replys may diversify
excepting must screen defining concepts as
per tribute list.
5 The candicontinuance controlmulates the
weekly postulates backup sketch with
brief cognomen.
The candicontinuance plainly mentions and
explains the backup techniques.
The aspirant’s replys may diversify
excepting must screen defining concepts as
per tribute list.
Appearance Judgement Criteria Submission FER1 FER2
6 The candicontinuance lists dhold and
explains the advance exemption
smooth of the employees.
The candicontinuance plainly describes the
advance exemption smooths control at meanest five
employees types and identifies the
redress conclusion producer.
The aspirant’s replys may diversify
excepting must screen defining concepts as
per tribute list.
7 The candicontinuance lists dhold the
advance integralied commands to
each employee
The candicontinuance lists and explains at
meanest three advance integralied commands.
8 The candicontinuance maintains the
compound of the postulatesbase
aftercited updating the postulatesbase as
per the contingency con-over scenario.
The candicontinuance plainly mentions and
explains integral MySQL statements.
9 The candicontinuance lists separate
database want techniques
and mentions the recovery
The candicontinuance plainly explains the
database want techniques and
recovery sketch.
The aspirant’s replys may diversify
excepting must screen defining concepts as
per tribute list.

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