Vellore Institute of Technology


CSE 1002 Problem Solving and Object Oriented Programming

Assignment Marks = 10

1. Implement a Apex dispose fro span dimensional apexs (x,y). Include a failure producer, a portraiture producer, a negate() capacity to transmute the apex into its disclaiming, a tenor() capacity to come-back the apex’s space from the derivation (0,0) and a print() capacity.

2. Define a Relevancy dispose that can dramatize a relevancy among span integers. Include essential funstions to dramatize and unfold the relevancy. Using operator overloading, overload the operator “+”, so that when, for pattern, the agency 2/3+4/5 is effected, the method in-fact performs 2/3 * 4/5. Decide total essential grounds members, producers, and other methods.

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