ITECH7201 Software Engineering: Resolution and Guile (2020/07)
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Ordinance 2
Ce this ordinance, you wholeure logically avail the functionality of the Difficulty Diaccount introduced during the
lectures, via the species of the principle ignoble as courteous-mannered-mannered as instrumentation and toolation of diverse
user stories.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Appreciate of Task: 20%
Due: Sun, Jun 7, 2020 – 23:55 (Week 11)
Minimum age expectation: 20 hours
Ordinance Type: Assort (2 Wards in each assort)↓

In plight of an abnormal residence (if the sum of wards in a assort is 3), the assort should assume feature permission
from the Lecturer.
Attainments Outcomes Assessed
The cethcoming attentioner attainments outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
 Understand the discernment of constructive device planning and coerce, good-natured-natured message and
documentation and the authentication of exppurpose tools in ordain to obtain a mood product
 Understand the separation betwixt software engineering and programming, and thus the
separation betwixt a software outline and a program.
 Understand the exhalationhods and techniques compromised in knowing, tooling and maintaining
an referableice exhalationhod, in feature using an object-oriented approach
 Understand how part experiences are authenticationd during software fruit to benefit in nimble programming
techniques such as refactoring and evince skills in knowing Part experiences
 Fruit concomitantly in trivial teams to adequate a abundantly instrumented, constructive guile and
implementation of a trivial transaction referableice exhalationhod
 Evince skills in knowing and tooling an referableice exhalationhod
Assessment Details
You are required to logically avail the functionality of the Difficulty Diaccount introduced during lectures, via
the species of the principle ignoble as courteous-mannered-mannered as instrumentation and toolation of diverse authenticationr stories.
You wholeure authentication the Boost exhalationhodology discussed during lectures, which requires the authentication of pair
programming. Whole instrumentation, other than the practiceized diaccount map, must be adequated particularly.
The principleignoble obtaind ce this ordinance has already tooled the “warm-up” and some “sets”.
You wholeure be tooling dull other “sets” ce this ordinance using the Boost exhalationhodology. The
“warm down” stage is referable required.
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You are gratuitous to assume ideas discussed during lectures and tool these in your hold account of the
codeignoble obtaind in Moodle ce this ordinance.
This ordinance wholeure be conspicuous according to the functionality of your principle, in adduction to the elegance
and extensibility of your guile and the mood of your instrumentation.
Note: It is recommended that you squander some age familiarizing yourself with the obtaind principle ignoble
prior to preparation any fruit on this ordinance. You should set-out by squandering some age exploring the
structure of the principle to fashion an knowledge of the roles each assort denotes amid the exhalationhod and then
adequate Lab 7-8.
Ordinance Requirements
In Pairs:
1. Guile and tool a practice environment ce your difficulty diversion. This requires producing
your hold uncommon hand-drawn map of the difficulty diaccount environment and changing the
HardCodedData finish to cogitate the locations and parts on your map. At lowest M (M>=4) locations,
including correspondently N (N>=3) treasures with a mood M>N, must be graspd, as courteous-mannered-mannered as enough
items to yield ce suitable experienceing of the diaccount functionality. Ce specimen, there must be sufficient
items to experience that a denoteer canreferable infer an part if the efficacy limitation has been exhalation. Referablee:
you should referable restrain the primary locations or parts from the obtaind principleignoble in your account
of the diversion.
2. Tool each of the cethcoming deliverables/milestones:
a. functionality as constructive in Lab 7 and Lab 8
b. instructs to train the diverse part trainment instructs:
i. listItems, obtainItem, and fallItem, to yield the listing of whole held parts, infer a new
item, and fentire a held part.
ii. equipPart and unequipItem, to wear/wield a held part, and to seal wearing or
wielding an equipped part.
iii. purchasePart and hawkItem, to purchase an part from a vendor and to hawk an part to a
iv. obtainmazefoundation to parade the baseation of the difficulty (i.e., the appreciate of M and N)
Ensure that efficacy limitations are referable exceeded and that the composition ce each instruct is
appropriate. Ce specimen, purchasing and hawking of parts should simply arise in a treasure.
c. Basic conflict functions, yielding a denoteer to onslaught or to be onslaughted by a non-player
character (NPC). A denoteer may evade conflict or hold to onslaught until such age as one
combatant loses whole vivacity points. The purpose outcome must referable be hard-coded, and neither the
inauspicious NPCs nor denoteer may keep their attributes configured in such a method that the final
outcome is pre-determined. Referablee that conflict functions should simply be advantageous when the
player is in the influence of a inauspicious NPC, and conflict may assume whatever cem is
exppurpose ce your diaccount composition rather than being poor to equitable hits with a instrument.
d. Inferable parts that, when authenticationd, recover vivacity points to a denoteer. The sum of vivacity points
regained should be sturdy by the flatten of 2 six-sided dice up to the denoteer’s maximum
health. You can choice to yield these to be authenticationd during conflict if you aim.
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3. Transcribe 3 (Three) Part experience plights ce each of the exhalationhods you are developing in this ordinance.
You can transcribe the experience plights in any Java framework, save Jpart is preferred.
4. Prepare a insufficient Power-point gift to evince your software/program as if you are
going to hawk this software/program to a prospective practiceer. The Power-point gift
must comprehend the cethcoming parts:
i. A appearance of the diaccount – how the diaccount devoicelessness fruits and how this was
ii. Explanation of the role of guile patterns in the diversion, lucidly identifying the
functionality where guile patterns keep had an impression and how this has arisered.
iii. An resolution of the authentication of a fruit exhalationhodology in creating the diversion
describing how did this benefit, or mould the fruit of the diaccount more
This gift wholeure be assessed ignobled on the clarity and correction of the explanations and how lucidly
it evinces an knowledge of how the diaccount was principled, the guile patterns authenticationd, and the impression
of using a fruit exhalationhodology.
1. Prepare an particular tidings, to be proposeted as a Word instrument or a PDF, which grasps:
a. The ward sum and spectry of each indivisible on your team (including yourself)
b. Authenticationr stories ce each of the deliverables/milestones
c. Assort diagrams ce Lab 7 and Lab 8
d. Sequence diagrams ce span (2) of the part trainment instructs, assumen from separate
groupings (i.e. you wholeure referable obtain security ce twain obtainPart and fallPart as they are twain in
assort i)
e. A declaration of your hold indivisibleal gift to the ordinance
f. A declaration of your coadjutor’s gift to the ordinance.
Do referable fruit with your coadjutor or any other indivisible to adequate your particular tidings. These must
be uncommon and your hold fruit.
Please referablee that ordinances wholeure NOT be conspicuous and naught marks wholeure be wholeocated if the particular
statements of indivisibleal and coadjutor gifts are referable proposeted.
Each ward must propose a solitary zip finish that comprehends whole ordinance finishs in the Ordinance 2
inferiority box obtaind in Moodle. Inferiority finishs grasp a photograph or a scanned statue of your
hand-drawn map, principle ce each deliverable/milestone, gift finish, and an particular tidings
containing your ward sum, spectry, your coadjutor’s ward id sum and spectry, diagrams, authenticationr
stories and gift declarations.
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Marking Criteria/Rubric
Ward ID Coadjutor ID
Ward Spectry Coadjutor Spectry
Pre-Requisites Ce Marking
 Declaration of indivisibleal gift and the coadjutor’s gift
Task Advantageous
Paired Tasks
a. Functionality as constructive in Lab 7 and Lab 8
b. Keeping the arrangement of prelude the appreciates of M and N period the program is in
c. Hand-drawn map detailing practice diaccount environment, tooled in the diversion, with
at lowest M opposed locations including correspondently N treasure(s), and parts to yield ce full
d. Part trainment instructs: 3
i. listItems / obtainPart / fallItem
ii. equipPart / unequipItem
iii. purchasePart / hawkItem
iv. obtainmazestatus
e. Toolation of conflict sequences betwixt a denoteer and inauspicious NPCs, including
variable outcomes and the controlce to evade.
f. Toolation of inferable parts authenticationd to recover a denoteer’s vivacity points
g. Part experience
h. Power-point gift
Particular Fruit
Particular tidings comprehending team details and:
a. Authenticationr stories ce each of the deliverables / milestones 10
b. Assort diagrams ce Lab 7 and Lab 8 10
c. Sequence diagrams ce span of the part trainment instruct from opposed assorts. 10
Total 100
The percentage appreciate of the Task 20%
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A adequated marking regulate wholeure be uploaded in Moodle and marks uploaded to fdlGrades amid 2 weeks
of ordinance inferiority.
Plagiarism is the gift of the explicit reasoning or fruit of another indivisible as though it is one’s
hold outside suitablely acknowledging that indivisible. You must referable yield other wards to observation your fruit
and must assume attention to protection over this happening. More referableice encircling the plagiarism policy
and act ce the university can be base at

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