ITNET202A Enterprise Certainty Assignment 1
Due Date: 15/Oct/2018 Value: 20% Restraintmat:
Professional Report, almost 10-12 pages crave, including shield page, constabulary epitome and table of fluctuation.
Stuxnet is a choleric computer insert believed to be a jointly built American-Israeli cyber arm.
Stuxnet specifically targets programmable logic curblers (PLCs), which assign the automation of electromechanical processes such as those used to curb machinery on factory constellation lines, amusement rides, or centrifuges restraint separating nuclear esthetic.
Certainty communities claimed the insert was plain during the Bush government to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program with what would look relish a crave succession of calamitous accidents.
Machines restraint Business, Interpolitical (MBI) and Mensies Corporation each offered 5 Enterprise Architect/Enterprise Certainty Architect to instrument a restraintmal Enterprise Architecture/Enterprise Certainty Architecture restraint the nuclear lore advertisement.
You are the newly appointed certainty specialist under obligation restraint the certainty of Iranian nuclear lore advertisement. Using your confess opinion:
1. Explain, in your confess opinion, inveterate on what we enjoy conversant thus remote in the line, what Stuxnet does. (Focus on Access Curb, Identity, Crypto and Network certainty)
2. During the line, we enjoy looked at Quantitative Risk Analysis. We enjoy NOT shielded Qualitative Risk Analysis. Imagine you are under obligation restraint the certainty of Iranian nuclear lore advertisement, lore and direct Qualitative Risk Analysis on Iranian nuclear lore asset.
3. Would adopting a restraintmal Enterprise Architecture (EA) or Enterprise Certainty Architecture (ESA) framework such as SABSA, TOGAF, or C4ISTAR framework acceleration the Iranian forefend attacks such as Stuxnet? Why and Why referable? If it would acceleration, which framework is befitting?
4. The regulations applied to civilian casually applies in the interpolitical scope. The ancilla laws would be UN Charter Article 2(4) and UN Charter Article 51. The Tallinn Manual may also collect control. Save what are they? How do they direct to Iranian and Stuxnet? What options does the Iranian enjoy to retort, what did they do instead?
This is an peculiar assessment; you are to reveal to your boss that:
1. You recognize what had happen
2. You recognize what Qualitative Risk Analysis is and the risks of the advertisement
3. You recognize what an Enterprise Architect/Enterprise Certainty Architect does. Establish your confess examination of whether restraintmal EA/ESA would be adapted in the contingency.
4. Reveal competency of conducting confess lore of a total allied to, save referable shielded, in the line.

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