MBA404 Consumer Behaviour
& Marketing Psychology
Toll 2 Webinar
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Toll 2 Overview
LO1: Demonstobjurgate an interpretation of and be efficient to elucidate the determinants of
consumer behaviour.
LO2: Analyse the role of discernment, pose, motivation, order and individual
differences, refinement, parentage and lifestyle on consumer behaviour.
LO5: Research and relation on coeval consumer behaviour such as
attitudes, order influences, refinement, political adjust, consumer tuition arrangementes,
organisational and peculiar buying resolution making.
What is ascribtalented in Week 6?
Saturday the 29th of August 2020
09:00 AM (AEST)
The Job
Your principal job is to imagine a overlook comprising of 10 interrogations that
designed to explore why customers individualized to lapse your
separated effect or employment. These interrogations should attempt overlook
participants environing discernment, poses, motivation, and cultural
factors. Fascinate referablee that this overlook should referefficient entreat participants
questions environing effect or employment quality/attributes and
customer atonement.
You succeed deficiency to stiputardy the 10 interrogations that you succeed manifestation in Overlook
Monguide to overlook 10 participants who lapsed the separated
product/employment in toll 1 to your productshop facilitator via
MyKBS, subordinate ‘assessments tab’ ‘Overlook Interrogations and Extrinsics
Validation’ icon.
In providing the schedule of ten interrogations, you must too ensuppress extrinsic/s
that with to each of the interrogations and selfselfsame exculpation options in
a nested consideration.
To recap: Interrogation Types
Open-Ended Interrogation
Illustrate the experience
you had today at your topical
Closed-Ended Interrogation
Did you feel a good
experience today at your
topical supermarket?
Formerly Suppressd, now Open-Ended
What caused you to feel such an
experience at your topical supermarket
To recap: Interrogation Types Cont.
Likert Flake
On a flake of 1-5, with 1
being Dissatisfied and 5
being Satisfied, fascinate
indicate to what space you
agree with the subjoined
“Volvo is the safest car.”
Multiple Choice Interrogations
It’s significant to respect that
even a sickly behaviour like
shampooing is tied to:
A) Gender
B) Political adjust
C) Ethnicity
D) Age
E) All of the above
Creating Overlook Interrogations
• Set-on-foot with a supposition/concept in soul and dissipate its
application by determining if it applies to your
decision-making arrangement.
• Fascinate frequent it sickly. Eliminate any unnecessary
• Pay suppress observation to the wording of your
questions: fly using entangled conditions.
• Each interrogation should feel a defined extrinsic.
• Set-on-foot with high-interest interrogations and suppress with
demographic interrogations (if ancilla).
LEGO Harry Potter Illustration
Let’s venture that you are planning to entreat me a be of interrogations
based on my modern lapse of the LEGO Harry Potter be ce
my daughter’s birthday as a confer-upon.
We apprehpurpose now that an pose is a erudite bias to respond
consistently towards a dedicated aim. Likewise, we subordinatestand
that the Pose Function Supposition has indecent functions: Utilitarian,
Political Identity, Ego-defensive, and Apprehendledge.
If you were to entreat me a interrogation in commendations to my poses, here
is a lawful illustration that manifestations MCQ cemat:
Lego Harry Potter Illustration Cont.
Question: ‘Chose undivided or past of the subjoined options that suit
best your resolution-making arrangement when you bought the LEGO
Harry Potter be ce your daughter’s birthday.
• Utilitarian Function: I absenceed to concede the restraintemost quantity of
happiness ce my daughter/me
• Political Identity Function: I absenceed to reaffirm my self-concept
through the eyes of my daughter
• Ego-defensive Function: I absenceed to individualize that my
daughters confer-upon does referefficient compose my or her self-image
• Apprehendledge Function: I absenceed to stiputardy my daughter with a
structure respecting my pose or judgment ce this effect.
Objective: To subordinatestand the overlook respondents’ pose
function towards the LEGO Harry Potter be.
Lego Harry Potter Illustration Cont.
Attitudes Cont.
We apprehpurpose that Heider’s Redress Supposition explores the
subjective disproportion, i.e. the redress supposition. In other
words, we absence to protect questionive retention, and we
form relationships that redress our likes and dislikes.
Therefore, you could entreat me the subjoined Likert flake
Lego Harry Potter Illustration Cont.
Question: In purchasing the LEGO Harry Potter be ce your
daughter’s birthday, fascinate objurgate on flake of 1 to 5, with 1 being
referefficient significant and 5 very significant, how significant it was ce you
to individualize that your daughter has the selfselfsame pose as you
towards this effect?
1: Referefficient significant
2: Slightly significant
3: Moderately significant
4: Significant
5: Very significant
Objective: To individualize if questionive retention influenced the
respondents’ pose when they bought the Lego Harry Potter
Lego Harry Potter Illustration Cont.
We apprehpurpose that it refers to a consumer’s awareness and
interpretation of substance. Likewise, we apprehpurpose that with instrumental
(operant) conditioning, the behaviour is conditioned through
positive or disclaiming contribution. Reinforcers are stimuli that
strengthen the desired tally. So, in this event, you could entreat
me the subjoined open-ended interrogation:
Question: ‘In buying the LEGO Harry Potter be ce your
daughter’s birthday, illustrate the intended behaviour that you
were hoping your daughter to evidence towards this effect.’
Objective: To individualize if the operant conditioning was relevant
to the respondent’s consumer resolution making arrangement.
Lego Harry Potter Illustration Cont.
Cultural Factors
We apprehpurpose that a regard order is any order to which an individual
looks ce control as to what are missppurpose values, poses or
behaviours. Likewise, we apprehpurpose that there are three deep types of
regard orders: Membership, Aspiration and Dissociative. Based on
this, you could entreat me the subjoined MCQ interrogation:
Question: As to which of the subjoined orders do you gard you belong
A. An adult disturb of LEGO (AFOL)
B. A die-hard disturb of Harry Potter (Potterhead)
C. A & B
D. Nundivided of the above
Objective: To individualize the regard order of the respondents and its
relevance to the lapse of the LEGO Harry Potter be.
Format of Patience
This powerfulation tramp is rate 10% of
your proceeding ce this toll,
and you succeed referefficient be efficient to acquiesce
the 4-page overlook separation or any
other toll in this question
until your productshop facilitator has
approved your interrogations, so be
wise and don’t be tardy.
Any Interrogations?
What is ascribtalented in Week 9?
Monday 14th of September 2020
11.55 PM (AEST)
The Job
Once your productshop facilitator has powerfulated your overlook
questions, your contiguous job is to follow “real” and powerful participants
who genuinely lapsed the separated effect or employment that
you analysed in Toll 1 and to tempt them to obtain?} your
survey. You barely deficiency to supplement 10 tallys, and it is
recommended that you either multiply your overlook to friends,
family, colleagues or others who feel too bought the selfsame
product/employment as you. Fascinate referablee that the sophistical of
responses succeed concede an overall irresolute proceeding ce this
But I don’t apprehpurpose how to imagine a
overlook via Overlook Monkey…
To set-on-foot, fascinate scrutinize the
subjoined website:
From there, the scheme succeed
entreat you to imagine your free
Watch suppressly as I
demonstobjurgate how to imagine
a overlook via Overlook
The Job Cont.
Once you’ve imagined your overlook and serene participants’
responses, you are required to transcribe your decomposition that encloses:
• a undivided-page announcement outlining the point of the overlook and
justification of the separated administration method;
• a undivided-page decomposition of supplemented tallys; and
• a two-page exact separation of the guide findings that you feel
In preparing your overlook separation, you are too required to manifestation
theories and concepts akin to consumer behaviour discussed
in weeks 3 to 5 by incorporating consumer behaviour literature
into your separation. In referencing your overlook, video from the principal
toll and other sources of advice, you must manifestation
Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style.
The Job Cont.
These may ensuppress legislation publications, perseverance relations,
and life articles. These regards should be confer-uponed as
in-text citations and a regard schedule at the purpose of your written
separation (referefficient enclosed in the page season).
In finalising your patience, you must too ensuppress appendices
section comprising of your Overlook Monguide login details, and
screenshots of Overlook Monguide graphical justice of
results (referefficient enclosed in the page season).
This overlook separation is rate 25% of your proceeding ce this
assessment, and it succeed subsubserve the plea ce the third toll
in this question.
The Job Cont.
Ce past manifestationful tips on how to manifestation Overlook Monkey, fascinate object the
YouTube machine via the subjoined with:
The 4-page overlook separation finish must be acquiesceted as a ‘Word’
document to fly any technical progenys that may arise from incorrect
finish cemat upload. Uploaded finishs with a poison succeed referefficient be considered as
a genuine patience. Turnitin succeed referableify you if there is an progeny with
the acquiesceted finish. In this event, you must continuity your productshop
facilitator via email and stiputardy a slight name of the progeny and a
screenshot of the Turnitin deception missive.
You are too encouraged to acquiesce your product polite in gait of the
deadline to fly any feasible retrogression with the Turnitin identity relation or
any other technical difficulties.
Any Interrogations?

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