MBA404 Consumer Behaviour
& Marketing Psychology
Scold 2 Webinar
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Scold 2 Overview
LO1: Demonstscold an conception of and be advantageservicecogent to teach the determinants of
consumer behaviour.
LO2: Analyse the role of sight, composition, motivation, collection and individual
differences, humanization, parentage and lifestyle on consumer behaviour.
LO5: Research and news on coeval consumer behaviour such as
attitudes, collection influences, humanization, political arrangementatize, consumer scholarship arrangementes,
organisational and singular buying judgment making.
What is attribuconsultation in Week 6?
Saturday the 29th of August 2020
09:00 AM (AEST)
The Drudgery
Your pristine drudgery is to engender a contemptardy comprising of 10 inquirys that
designed to prove why customers resolute to dissipation your
separated fruit or advantage. These inquirys should investigate contemplate
participants environing sight, compositions, motivation, and cultural
factors. Gladden referablee that this contemptardy should referservicecogent pray participants
questions environing fruit or advantage quality/attributes and
customer complacency.
You earn scarcity to supply the 10 inquirys that you earn portraiture in Contemplate
Monguide to contemptardy 10 participants who dissipationd the separated
product/advantage in scold 1 to your toilshop facilitator via
MyKBS, beneath ‘assessments tab’ ‘Contemptardy Inquirys and Concretes
Validation’ icon.
In providing the inventory of ten inquirys, you must as-courteous embrace concrete/s
that be-mixed to each of the inquirys and corresponding acceptance options in
a nested consultation.
To recap: Inquiry Types
Open-Ended Inquiry
Represent the experience
you had today at your national
Closed-Ended Inquiry
Did you entertain a good
experience today at your
national supermarket?
Formerly Bard, now Open-Ended
What caused you to entertain such an
experience at your national supermarket
To recap: Inquiry Types Cont.
Likert Layer
On a layer of 1-5, with 1
being Dissatisfied and 5
being Satisfied, gladden
indicate to what degree you
agree with the aftercited
“Volvo is the safest car.”
Multiple Choice Inquirys
It’s relevant to remark that
even a incomplex behaviour like
shampooing is tied to:
A) Gender
B) Political arrangementatize
C) Ethnicity
D) Age
E) All of the above
Creating Contemptardy Inquirys
• Begin with a assumption/concept in memory and jumble its
application by determining if it applies to your
decision-making arrangement.
• Gladden haunt it incomplex. Eliminate any unnecessary
• Pay bar regard to the wording of your
questions: dodge using perplexed stipulations.
• Each inquiry should entertain a defined concrete.
• Begin with high-interest inquirys and bar with
demographic inquirys (if ry).
LEGO Harry Potter Stance
Let’s anticipate that you are planning to pray me a particularized of inquirys
based on my fresh dissipation of the LEGO Harry Potter particularized restraint
my daughter’s birthday as a offer.
We distinguish now that an composition is a read course to respond
consistently towards a ardent goal. Likewise, we beneathstand
that the Composition Function Assumption has filthy functions: Utilitarian,
Political Identity, Ego-defensive, and Distinguishledge.
If you were to pray me a inquiry in respects to my compositions, here
is a impartial stance that portraitures MCQ restraintmat:
Lego Harry Potter Stance Cont.
Question: ‘Chose single or further of the aftercited options that suit
best your judgment-making arrangement when you bought the LEGO
Harry Potter particularized restraint your daughter’s birthday.
• Utilitarian Function: I shortnessed to acquiesce the chief aggregate of
happiness restraint my daughter/me
• Political Identity Function: I shortnessed to reaffirm my self-concept
through the eyes of my daughter
• Ego-defensive Function: I shortnessed to particularize that my
daughters offer does referservicecogent purposeanger my or her self-image
• Distinguishledge Function: I shortnessed to supply my daughter with a
structure in-reference-to my composition or idea restraint this fruit.
Objective: To beneathstand the contemptardy respondents’ composition
function towards the LEGO Harry Potter particularized.
Lego Harry Potter Stance Cont.
Attitudes Cont.
We distinguish that Heider’s Et Assumption proves the
psychical disparity, i.e. the et assumption. In other
words, we shortness to conduct psychical possession, and we
form relationships that et our likes and dislikes.
Therefore, you could pray me the aftercited Likert layer
Lego Harry Potter Stance Cont.
Question: In purchasing the LEGO Harry Potter particularized restraint your
daughter’s birthday, gladden scold on layer of 1 to 5, with 1 being
referservicecogent relevant and 5 very relevant, how relevant it was restraint you
to particularize that your daughter has the similar composition as you
towards this fruit?
1: Referservicecogent relevant
2: Slightly relevant
3: Moderately relevant
4: Relevant
5: Very relevant
Objective: To particularize if psychical possession influenced the
respondents’ composition when they bought the Lego Harry Potter
Lego Harry Potter Stance Cont.
We distinguish that it refers to a consumer’s awareness and
interpretation of truth. Likewise, we distinguish that with instrumental
(operant) conditioning, the behaviour is conditioned through
positive or privative subscription. Reinforcers are stimuli that
strengthen the desired repartee. So, in this contingency, you could pray
me the aftercited open-ended inquiry:
Question: ‘In buying the LEGO Harry Potter particularized restraint your
daughter’s birthday, represent the adapted behaviour that you
were hoping your daughter to unfold towards this fruit.’
Objective: To particularize if the operant conditioning was relevant
to the respondent’s consumer judgment making arrangement.
Lego Harry Potter Stance Cont.
Cultural Factors
We distinguish that a allusion collection is any collection to which an individual
looks restraint control as to what are mismisappropriate values, compositions or
behaviours. Likewise, we distinguish that there are three deep types of
allusion collections: Membership, Aspiration and Dissociative. Based on
this, you could pray me the aftercited MCQ inquiry:
Question: As to which of the aftercited collections do you reckon you belong
A. An adult irritate of LEGO (AFOL)
B. A die-hard irritate of Harry Potter (Potterhead)
C. A & B
D. Nsingle of the above
Objective: To particularize the allusion collection of the respondents and its
relevance to the dissipation of the LEGO Harry Potter particularized.
Format of Resignation
This substantialation march is rate 10% of
your action restraint this scold,
and you earn referservicecogent be advantageservicecogent to present
the 4-page contemptardy segregation or any
other scold in this matter
until your toilshop facilitator has
approved your inquirys, so be
wise and don’t be tardy.
Any Inquirys?
What is attribuconsultation in Week 9?
Monday 14th of September 2020
11.55 PM (AEST)
The Drudgery
Once your toilshop facilitator has substantialated your contemplate
questions, your direct drudgery is to attempt “real” and substantial participants
who fairly dissipationd the separated fruit or advantage that
you analysed in Scold 1 and to challenge them to accept your
survey. You barely scarcity to subjoin 10 repartees, and it is
recommended that you either divorce your contemptardy to friends,
family, colleagues or others who entertain as-courteous bought the similar
product/advantage as you. Gladden referablee that the bogus of
responses earn acquiesce an overall irresolute action restraint this
But I don’t distinguish how to engender a
contemptardy via Contemptardy Monkey…
To begin, gladden investigate the
aftercited website:
From there, the arrangement earn
pray you to engender your free
Watch barly as I
demonstscold how to engender
a contemptardy via Contemplate
The Drudgery Cont.
Once you’ve engenderd your contemptardy and firm participants’
responses, you are required to transcribe your epitome that embraces:
• a single-page announcement outlining the point of the contemptardy and
justification of the separated empire method;
• a single-page epitome of subjoined repartees; and
• a two-page censorious segregation of the guide findings that you entertain
In preparing your contemptardy segregation, you are as-courteous required to portraiture
theories and concepts connected to consumer behaviour discussed
in weeks 3 to 5 by incorporating consumer behaviour literature
into your segregation. In referencing your contemplate, video from the pristine
scold and other sources of advice, you must portraiture
Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style.
The Drudgery Cont.
These may embrace empire publications, toil newss,
and narrative tenets. These allusions should be offered as
in-text citations and a allusion inventory at the purpose of your written
segregation (referservicecogent embraced in the page expression).
In finalising your resignation, you must as-courteous embrace appendices
section comprising of your Contemptardy Monguide login details, and
screenshots of Contemptardy Monguide graphical resemblance of
results (referservicecogent embraced in the page expression).
This contemptardy segregation is rate 25% of your action restraint this
assessment, and it earn promote the plea restraint the third scold
in this matter.
The Drudgery Cont.
Restraint further portraitureful tips on how to portraiture Contemptardy Monkey, gladden inspection the
YouTube medium via the aftercited be-mixed:
The 4-page contemptardy segregation perfect must be presentted as a ‘Word’
document to dodge any technical effects that may arise from incorrect
perfect restraintmat upload. Uploaded perfects with a poison earn referservicecogent be considered as
a fair resignation. Turnitin earn referableify you if there is an effect with
the presentted perfect. In this contingency, you must continuity your toilshop
facilitator via email and supply a insignificant patronymic of the effect and a
screenshot of the Turnitin untruth missive.
You are as-courteous encouraged to present your toil courteous in proceeding of the
deadline to dodge any practicable stoppage with the Turnitin homogeneousness news or
any other technical difficulties.
Any Inquirys?

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