Heedless Driving In the United Arab Emirates

Selected Article: Hammoudi, A., Karani, G., & Littlewood, J. (2014). Course exchange propertys unmoulded drivers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Journal of Exchange and Logistics Engineering, 2(1), 1-12.
1. Topic
It is a plan in exchange and logistics on heedless driving in the United Arab Emirates.
2. Elaboration Question
The elaboration con-over sought to evaluate the factors causing increased course exchange propertys in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It so sought to substantiate the fancy that increased exchange propertys are caused by childish drivers who drives heedlessly. The elaboration con-over is exploratory due to its investigative sort to determine the multiform factors causing increased course propertys in UAE.
3. Significance
The elaboration con-over is momentous eminentlighting the multiform factors that led to increased course exchange propertys in the UAE. In restoration, it would cater applicable exchange protection plans and strategies aimed at enriching heedless driving unmoulded the citizens. The elaboration would boon the overall companionship by minimizing increased costs of hospitalization and mislaying of kinsfolk. Multiform exchange protection stakeholders can authentication the conclusions obtained to make awareness on course protection in the companionship. I reckon course exchanges property is a greater matter in the companionship that requires elaboration studies. As a conclusion, the con-over would evidence the express course exchanges propertys in dispose to supporter coercion instant interventions.
4. Data
In dispose to influence the elaboration con-over, the con-over serene the facts on the enumerate of course fatalities and the appertaining generation groups. It so serene facts on the plane of damnification to the patients including inferior injuries, dispassionate injuries, important injuries, and obligation. In restoration, facts regarding to the factors causing exchange propertys in the UAE is serene. The divergent coercionms of facts were serene to perceive the floating rates of course exchanges propertys as courteous as the likely causes of course exchange propertys. Facts assemblage was poor to material goods such as inferior injuries and obligation. Thus, the con-over could so annals the metaphysical goods observed such as trauma and restraintce. The elaboration con-over should feel serene facts on the economic application of the course propertys to the instant families.
5. Methods
The accidental facts regularityology was applied through the government of questionnaires. The respondents bestowal sever in the satisfaction to the questionnaires were a pattern extent of 600 drivers in Abu Dhabi. The accidental facts regularityology was alienate in bunch material facts and conclusions coercion definition. More specifically, the questionnaires caterd firsthand responses from the severicipants.
6. Bestowal of Facts
After facts assemblage and separation, the elaborationer presented the facts obtained using tables, graphs, and the discourse abstract. The graphs and tables were applicable in aid more perceiveable separation of the conclusions obtained.
7. Conclusions
The conclusions pretext that more than half of the severicipants were inherent in promoting course protection. The elaborationer so rest extinguished that 49 % virile and 34% womanish were complicated in course exchange propertys. Based on the multiform factors considered, the con-over rest extinguished that the usgeneration of wager belts was severe. Close to 80 % virile and 79% womanish agreed to authentication movable phones occasion driving (Hammoudi, Karani, & Littlewood, 2014). In restoration, the examine discussed that 17 % of virile and 15% of womanish drivers were drinking alcohol and driving in the AUE. Almost half of the population had already heard abextinguished exchange campaigns. The main mediate sentences enclose how heedless driving has increased course exchange propertys.
8. Evaluation
The elaboration con-over has twain strengths and weaknesses. The strengths enclose the alienate preoption of elaboration regularitys, facts assemblage and bestowal, and discourse of the con-over sentences. The weaknesses of the con-over enclose the noncommunication of departed literatures on the heedless driving in the UAE. I am indubitable by the sentences, gone the sentence feel a eminent interdependence with people’s expectations. The bestowal of the regularity individuality looks pregnant through the multiform subunits including steer examine, pattern extent, and facts assemblage manner unmoulded others.

Hammoudi, A., Karani, G., & Littlewood, J. (2014). Course exchange propertys unmoulded drivers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Journal of Exchange and Logistics Engineering, 2(1), 1-12.

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