Elliptic curve cryptosystems are used in most companies, especially companies using the internet of daily operations. ECC is used in smart home IoT, especially in creating wireless communication, connecting different machines and connecting individuals. Both private and public companies have embraced ECC in computation and global communication through the public and private ket cryptosystem. ECC is used by companies that require critical security, such as financial institutions, health care systems and forensic organizations. Payment methods have advanced to cloud payment where today, people use smart cards and mobile phones to make payments. Digital signatures are used to offer high-security and provide strength in terms of bits. Smart cards are used in almost everything hence require a critical security system and a technology that can solve complex mathematical problems. The systems used include the discrete logarithm systems, Integer factorization and elliptic curve cryptosystems. Electronic payment uses the key exchange protocol, which detects an intrusion from malicious customers. Additionally, other protocols, such as SSL/TSL, are used to detect security vulnerabilities, such as malware detection fraud detection and data breach. Nevertheless, electronic payment used RSA n securing communication between clients and bank officials.
Healthcare industries now use EEC to secure medical information systems. Hospitals consist of very sensitive data, such as patients’ treatment and diagnosis information. ECC is used to offer top security; for example, the use of RFID technology. RFID card enhances secured communication between different healthcare systems, secure patient’s data and securing the companies network system. RFID is cost-effective, especially in computation services; also, ECC enhances authentication around RFID, servers and card readers. Elliptic curve cryptosystem offers cost-friendly services and top security protocols.
ECC is used in detecting anti-forensic attacks, especially terrorist attacks. The federal national security uses ECC in carrying out intelligence investigations. The technology secured the countries’ top secret through the private keys and communicated with the public or within the system through the public key. However, ECC protects evidence from damage using the B-tree Huffman encoding algorithm(BHE), used to store data in packet form. Additionally, the modified elliptic curve cryptosystem is used to transmit the stored data to receivers. Training has been made easier and faster through the learning modified neural network(DLMNN), which sends and receives messages in data packets. The sent messages are assessed by ECC protocols to identify security threats.

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