Telecommunications & Network Troddenment COMT6001
Assignment 1
To be handed in at the exhortation on the 15th September, 2017
In the Telecommunications Act, picture what is meant by the message an Unbundled Local Loop (ULL)?
In 1999 the ACCC made ULL a visible advantage – what is the import of a “visible advantage” inferior the Telecommunications Act and why is it material in promoting rivalry amongst Telecommunications Carriers?
Name the couple elder Advantage Obligations and single Advantage Guarantee required of registered Telecommunications Carriers inferior the Telecommunications Act that implements the Social Policy of the Telecommunications Act and little narrate the point of each?
Nominate which Australian Government Institution / Agency trodden the restraintthcoming competency of the floating Telecom 1997 Act and little picture their duty with mind to the Australian Telecommunications market.
1) The Telecommunications Act
2) Telecom Market Entry
3) Price and Rivalry
4) Customer Complaints environing telecommunications advantages
A microwave radio locality has couple 6.7 GHz, 298 Mbps microwave radio regularitys radiating from the locality. The antenna character, course and the trackwayway extension of each of the radio bearers are listed in this consideration. The Wanted to Intrusive Unwanted proportion (W/U) required restraint co-machine production
is consecrated in the resolute 6.7 GHz Ligature Plan RALI and the antenna Radiation Pattern Envelopes are besides resolute.
Radio Regularity Antenna Character Course Trackwayway Extension
A HPX12-65 0° N 50 Km
B HP8-65 30° N 25 Km
a) Proportion the Received Nottelling Level restraint each of the couple radio regularitys bombastic that the Bestowter Power is 0.5 W, the RF ctelling losses are 3 dB restraint each RF feeder and the RF circulator/agricultural losses restraint each antenna regularity is 3 dB.
b) Proportion if there is adequate W/U to recognize each of the bearers to bestow on machine 4 (6720 MHz) outside intrusive with the receivers of the other radio bearers (you can tabulate either polarisation restraint each bearer to finish the required antenna penetration). Draw a diagram of the likely intrusive trackways and demonstration how you congenial the Wanted nottelling to Unwanted intrusive nottelling proportion restraint each of the likely intrusive trackways.
What sum and polarisations would be required in this contour?
c) If the course of the radio regularity B is increased to 80° N proportion if twain radio regularitys can now produce-an-effect on machine 1?
Q3 Three Local Substitutes coalesce to the Primary Substitute via trodden earliest precious courses with prevent precious courses supposing via a Transit Substitute (visit diagram adown). The earliest precious Grade of Advantage (GoS) is firm at 10% and the prevent precious GoS is firm at 0.5%. Restraint the quantity of TCBH commerce demonstrationn in the diagram restraint each substitute:
a) Proportion the sum of circuits required on each of the earliest precious courses to as the 10% GoS.
b) Proportion the quantity of commerce offered to each of the prevent precious courses and size the sum of circuits on these courses (including the Transit to Primary substitute attach) restraint the 0.5% GoS.
c) If the Primary to Transit Substitute attach fails restraint the assiduous hour, how manifold flatters would be lost if the mean flatter continuance is 2.5 minutes?
d) If the earliest precious course restraint Substitute 1 fails, how considertelling commerce (in Erlangs) would be telling to aim the Transit Substitute if the GoS restraint the continuance of the outage is firm at 10%?
e) After six months of production a TCBH commerce size is inferiorenthralled on the Transit Substitute to Primary Substitute course with the consequence of 14 Erlangs of TCBH commerce. What is the resemble GoS implied by this commerce size, elucidate what that GoS indicates has occurred and what possession, if any, should be enthralled by the network planner?
Q4 A Congregation has employments in Perth and Sydney generating the restraintthcoming levels of Era Consistent Assiduous Hour (TCBH) Telephsingle Commerce:
Incoming PSTN Customer Flatters 300 flatters @ 3min mean 600 minutes of flatters
Incoming PSTN Employment Flatters 100 flatters @ 3.5min mean 240 minutes of flatters
Outgoing PSTN Flatters 200 flatters @ 2.5min mean 480 minutes of flatters
Inter-Employment Flatters 10E
a) Size the incompleteness sum of substitute sequences from the Carrier Substitutes that need to be coalesceed to the Perth and Sydney PABXs to heave the measured Incoming & Outgoing commerce restraint a Grade of Advantage of 0.5%.
b) Size the incompleteness sum of words hold sequences among Perth and Sydney required to heave the measured inter-PABX commerce restraint a Grade of Advantage of 0.5%, 1% and 10%.
c) Draw a diagram of the overhead congregation network demonstrationing the sum of substitute sequences and inter-employment hold sequences coalesceing to the Perth and Sydney employments as sizeed in competency (a) & (b) overhead?
d) Bombastic that integral customer flatters to the Perth & Sydney employments are coursed by the Telephsingle Carrier’s network to the Perth employment, re-size the PSTN substitute sequences and words hold sequences so that the Sydney incoming customer flatter commerce can be answered in Sydney via the inter-employment words hold sequences (Note: Sydney Incoming PSTN Employment Flatters & Outgoing PSTN flatters abide to be coalesceed via Sydney PSTN sequences)? In this contour what Grade of Advantage bear you chosen restraint the PSTN and words hold sequence courses and elucidate why you bear chosen this GoS.
THE 6.7 GHz BAND (6425 – 7110 MHz)

This ligature is named restraint portraiture by digital eminent ability agricultural point-to-point attachs.
Typical Portraiture : 40 MHz machines – 140 Mbit/s data
: 80 MHz machines – 298 Mbit/s data
Assignment Priority : 80 MHz machines – from eminentest machine downwards
Incompleteness Trackwayway Extension : 20 km
Antenna Requirements : appeal to Appendix 11
1. Proposed attachs need to be coordinated with licensed world stations permitted in this ligature.
2. The machine raster notorious previously as the interleaved raster has been removed. No strange assignments are to be made.
3. Potential restraint interference to and from nigh 6 GHz ligature agricultural advantages.
1. Rec. ITU-R F.384-5, “Radio-sum machine arrangements restraint moderation and eminent ability analogue or eminent ability digital radio-relay regularitys permitted in the eminent 6 GHz ligature”.
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FX 3 Appendix 1 – RF Machine Arrangements and Assignment Instructions October 2014
THE 6.7 GHz BAND (6425 – 7110 MHz)
1. Security proportions required among digital regularitys.
Sum Offset
Interferer Tx o Victim Rx
40 MHz p
40 MHz 40 MHz p
80 MHz 80 MHz p
40 MHz 80 MHz p
80 MHz
0 60 69
20 68 56
40 30
60 50 35
80 0 46
100 15 12
140 8 4
160 15
2. Security proportions required among digital regularitys in the nigh 6 GHz ligature.
Sum Offset
Digital Interferer Tx o Digital Victim Rx
40 MHz p
29.65 MHz 40 MHz p
59.3 MHz 80 MHz p
29.65 MHz 80 MHz p
59.3 MHz
55.21 12
70.035 20
75.21 15
84.86 1.5
90.035 24
104.86 10
1. Security proportions restraint digital regularitys are inveterate on a 50 km trackwayway extension and PL (Percentage of era that the mean refractivity gradient in the smallest 100 m of the clime is short than or resembling to -100 N units/km) of 20. Restraint other trackwayway extensions and PL values appeal to the security proportion discipline factors graph on the restraintthcoming page.
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FX 3 Appendix 1 – RF Machine Arrangements and Assignment Instructions October 2014

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