Telecommunications & Network Regulatement COMT6001
Assignment 1
To be handed in at the disquisition on the 15th September, 2017
In the Telecommunications Act, delineate what is meant by the engagement an Unbundled Local Loop (ULL)?
In 1999 the ACCC made ULL a outward benefit – what is the import of a “outward benefit” beneath the Telecommunications Act and why is it material in promoting emulation amongst Telecommunications Carriers?
Name the brace senior Benefit Obligations and undivided Benefit Guarantee required of registered Telecommunications Carriers beneath the Telecommunications Act that implements the Social Policy of the Telecommunications Act and little particularize the aim of each?
Nominate which Australian Government Institution / Agency regulate the restraintthcoming accommodation of the general Telecom 1997 Act and little delineate their exercise with revere to the Australian Telecommunications bargain.
1) The Telecommunications Act
2) Telecom Bargain Entry
3) Price and Emulation
4) Customer Complaints encircling telecommunications benefits
A microwave radio footing has brace 6.7 GHz, 298 Mbps microwave radio methods radiating from the footing. The antenna restraintm, carriage and the road prolixity of each of the radio bearers are listed in this consideration. The Wanted to Intrusive Unwanted appurtenancy (W/U) required restraint co-machine performance
is given in the resolute 6.7 GHz Ligament Plan RALI and the antenna Radiation Pattern Envelopes are to-boot resolute.
Radio Method Antenna Restraintm Carriage Road Prolixity
A HPX12-65 0° N 50 Km
B HP8-65 30° N 25 Km
a) Compute the Received Distinguished Level restraint each of the brace radio methods sumptuous that the Transmitter Power is 0.5 W, the RF coperative losses are 3 dB restraint each RF feeder and the RF circulator/urban losses restraint each antenna method is 3 dB.
b) Compute if there is enough W/U to apportion each of the bearers to transmit on machine 4 (6720 MHz) externally intrusive with the receivers of the other radio bearers (you can place either polarisation restraint each bearer to terminate the required antenna insight). Draw a diagram of the likely intrusive roads and pretext how you fitted the Wanted distinguished to Unwanted intrusive distinguished appurtenancy restraint each of the likely intrusive roads.
What enumerate and polarisations would be required in this contour?
c) If the carriage of the radio method B is increased to 80° N compute if twain radio methods can now act on machine 1?
Q3 Three Local Varys conjoin to the Primary Vary via frequented pristine cherished ways with remedy cherished ways supposing via a Transit Vary (perceive diagram under). The pristine cherished Grade of Benefit (GoS) is determined at 10% and the remedy cherished GoS is determined at 0.5%. Restraint the quantity of TCBH intercourse pretextn in the diagram restraint each vary:
a) Compute the enumerate of circuits required on each of the pristine cherished ways to unite the 10% GoS.
b) Compute the quantity of intercourse offered to each of the remedy cherished ways and extent the enumerate of circuits on these ways (including the Transit to Primary vary amalgamate) restraint the 0.5% GoS.
c) If the Primary to Transit Vary amalgamate fails restraint the engaged hour, how manifold circumvents would be lost if the mean circumvent continuance is 2.5 minutes?
d) If the pristine cherished way restraint Vary 1 fails, how ample intercourse (in Erlangs) would be operative to thrust the Transit Vary if the GoS restraint the continuance of the outage is determined at 10%?
e) After six months of performance a TCBH intercourse mass is beneathsmitten on the Transit Vary to Primary Vary way with the product of 14 Erlangs of TCBH intercourse. What is the abut GoS indicated by this intercourse mass, clear-up what that GoS indicates has occurred and what operation, if any, should be smitten by the network planner?
Q4 A Congregation has functions in Perth and Sydney generating the restraintthcoming levels of Space Consistent Engaged Hour (TCBH) Telephundivided Intercourse:
Incoming PSTN Customer Circumvents 300 circumvents @ 3min mean 600 minutes of circumvents
Incoming PSTN Function Circumvents 100 circumvents @ 3.5min mean 240 minutes of circumvents
Outgoing PSTN Circumvents 200 circumvents @ 2.5min mean 480 minutes of circumvents
Inter-Function Circumvents 10E
a) Extent the stint enumerate of vary rows from the Carrier Varys that deficiency to be conjoined to the Perth and Sydney PABXs to convey the measured Incoming & Outgoing intercourse restraint a Grade of Benefit of 0.5%.
b) Extent the stint enumerate of signification fasten rows among Perth and Sydney required to convey the measured inter-PABX intercourse restraint a Grade of Benefit of 0.5%, 1% and 10%.
c) Draw a diagram of the over congregation network pretexting the enumerate of vary rows and inter-function fasten rows conjoining to the Perth and Sydney functions as extented in accommodation (a) & (b) over?
d) Sumptuous that entire customer circumvents to the Perth & Sydney functions are wayd by the Telephundivided Carrier’s network to the Perth function, re-extent the PSTN vary rows and signification fasten rows so that the Sydney incoming customer circumvent intercourse can be answered in Sydney via the inter-function signification fasten rows (Note: Sydney Incoming PSTN Function Circumvents & Outgoing PSTN circumvents remain to be conjoined via Sydney PSTN rows)? In this contour what Grade of Benefit enjoy you separated restraint the PSTN and signification fasten row ways and clear-up why you enjoy separated this GoS.
THE 6.7 GHz BAND (6425 – 7110 MHz)

This ligament is named restraint explanation by digital noble compressiveness urban point-to-point amalgamates.
Typical Explanation : 40 MHz machines – 140 Mbit/s data
: 80 MHz machines – 298 Mbit/s data
Assignment Priority : 80 MHz machines – from nobleest machine downwards
Stint Road Prolixity : 20 km
Antenna Requirements : apply to Appendix 11
1. Proposed amalgamates deficiency to be coordinated with licensed globe stations bounteous in this ligament.
2. The machine raster disclosed previously as the interleaved raster has been removed. No newlightlight assignments are to be made.
3. Potential restraint suspension to and from close 6 GHz ligament urban benefits.
1. Rec. ITU-R F.384-5, “Radio-enumerate machine arrangements restraint medium and noble compressiveness analogue or noble compressiveness digital radio-relay methods bounteous in the preferable 6 GHz ligament”.
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FX 3 Appendix 1 – RF Machine Arrangements and Assignment Instructions October 2014
THE 6.7 GHz BAND (6425 – 7110 MHz)
1. Defence appurtenancys required among digital methods.
Enumerate Offset
Interferer Tx o Victim Rx
40 MHz p
40 MHz 40 MHz p
80 MHz 80 MHz p
40 MHz 80 MHz p
80 MHz
0 60 69
20 68 56
40 30
60 50 35
80 0 46
100 15 12
140 8 4
160 15
2. Defence appurtenancys required among digital methods in the close 6 GHz ligament.
Enumerate Offset
Digital Interferer Tx o Digital Victim Rx
40 MHz p
29.65 MHz 40 MHz p
59.3 MHz 80 MHz p
29.65 MHz 80 MHz p
59.3 MHz
55.21 12
70.035 20
75.21 15
84.86 1.5
90.035 24
104.86 10
1. Defence appurtenancys restraint digital methods are established on a 50 km road prolixity and PL (Percentage of space that the mean refractivity gradient in the lowest 100 m of the temperature is short than or correspondent to -100 N units/km) of 20. Restraint other road prolixitys and PL values apply to the defence appurtenancy emendation factors graph on the restraintthcoming page.
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FX 3 Appendix 1 – RF Machine Arrangements and Assignment Instructions October 2014

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