Telecommunications & Network Handlement COMT6001
Assignment 1
To be handed in at the dissertation on the 15th September, 2017
In the Telecommunications Act, depict what is meant by the message an Unbundled Local Loop (ULL)?
In 1999 the ACCC made ULL a outward labor – what is the purport of a “outward labor” beneath the Telecommunications Act and why is it significant in promoting race amongst Telecommunications Carriers?
Name the span senior Labor Obligations and single Labor Guarantee required of registered Telecommunications Carriers beneath the Telecommunications Act that implements the Social Policy of the Telecommunications Act and little specify the mind of each?
Nominate which Australian Government Institution / Agency handle the restraintthcoming talents of the exoteric Telecom 1997 Act and little depict their discharge with deem to the Australian Telecommunications trade.
1) The Telecommunications Act
2) Telecom Trade Entry
3) Price and Race
4) Customer Complaints encircling telecommunications labors
A microwave radio position has span 6.7 GHz, 298 Mbps microwave radio methods radiating from the position. The antenna pattern, straightforwardion and the trackwayway elongation of each of the radio carriers are listed in this board. The Wanted to Intrusive Unwanted relative (W/U) required restraint co-utensil performance
is absorbed in the rooted 6.7 GHz Ligament Plan RALI and the antenna Radiation Pattern Envelopes are as-well rooted.
Radio Method Antenna Pattern Straightforwardion Trackwayway Elongation
A HPX12-65 0° N 50 Km
B HP8-65 30° N 25 Km
a) Rate the Received Distinguished Level restraint each of the span radio methods professiony that the Grantter Power is 0.5 W, the RF ctelling losses are 3 dB restraint each RF feeder and the RF circulator/agricultural losses restraint each antenna method is 3 dB.
b) Rate if there is adapted W/U to integralot each of the carriers to grant on utensil 4 (6720 MHz) extraneously intrusive with the receivers of the other radio carriers (you can classify either polarisation restraint each carrier to close the required antenna penetration). Draw a diagram of the feasible intrusive trackways and profession how you conducive the Wanted distinguished to Unwanted intrusive distinguished relative restraint each of the feasible intrusive trackways.
What quantity and polarisations would be required in this contour?
c) If the straightforwardion of the radio method B is increased to 80° N rate if twain radio methods can now entertain-effect on utensil 1?
Q3 Three Local Changes combine to the Primary Change via straightforward chief excellent trackways with relieve excellent trackways supposing via a Transit Change (look diagram adown). The chief excellent Grade of Labor (GoS) is determined at 10% and the relieve excellent GoS is determined at 0.5%. Restraint the total of TCBH intercourse professionn in the diagram restraint each change:
a) Rate the estimate of circuits required on each of the chief excellent trackways to unite the 10% GoS.
b) Rate the total of intercourse offered to each of the relieve excellent trackways and bulk the estimate of circuits on these trackways (including the Transit to Primary change incorporate) restraint the 0.5% GoS.
c) If the Primary to Transit Change incorporate fails restraint the diligent hour, how divers circumvents would be lost if the medium circumvent space is 2.5 minutes?
d) If the chief excellent trackwayway restraint Change 1 fails, how plenteous intercourse (in Erlangs) would be telling to aim the Transit Change if the GoS restraint the space of the outage is determined at 10%?
e) After six months of performance a TCBH intercourse bulk is beneathsmitten on the Transit Change to Primary Change trackwayway with the conclusion of 14 Erlangs of TCBH intercourse. What is the near GoS implied by this intercourse bulk, expound what that GoS indicates has occurred and what exercise, if any, should be smitten by the network planner?
Q4 A Fraternity has stations in Perth and Sydney generating the restraintthcoming levels of Period Consistent Diligent Hour (TCBH) Telephsingle Intercourse:
Incoming PSTN Customer Circumvents 300 circumvents @ 3min medium 600 minutes of circumvents
Incoming PSTN Station Circumvents 100 circumvents @ 3.5min medium 240 minutes of circumvents
Outgoing PSTN Circumvents 200 circumvents @ 2.5min medium 480 minutes of circumvents
Inter-Station Circumvents 10E
a) Bulk the stint estimate of change verses from the Carrier Changes that deficiency to be combideficiency to the Perth and Sydney PABXs to propel the measured Incoming & Outgoing intercourse restraint a Grade of Labor of 0.5%.
b) Bulk the stint estimate of signification hold verses among Perth and Sydney required to propel the measured inter-PABX intercourse restraint a Grade of Labor of 0.5%, 1% and 10%.
c) Draw a diagram of the aloft fraternity network professioning the estimate of change verses and inter-station hold verses combineing to the Perth and Sydney stations as bulked in talents (a) & (b) aloft?
d) Professiony that integral customer circumvents to the Perth & Sydney stations are trackwayd by the Telephsingle Carrier’s network to the Perth station, re-bulk the PSTN change verses and signification hold verses so that the Sydney incoming customer circumvent intercourse can be answered in Sydney via the inter-station signification hold verses (Note: Sydney Incoming PSTN Station Circumvents & Outgoing PSTN circumvents live to be combideficiency via Sydney PSTN verses)? In this contour what Grade of Labor entertain you chosen restraint the PSTN and signification hold verse trackways and expound why you entertain chosen this GoS.
THE 6.7 GHz BAND (6425 – 7110 MHz)

This ligament is determined restraint explanation by digital tall faculty agricultural point-to-point incorporates.
Typical Explanation : 40 MHz utensils – 140 Mbit/s data
: 80 MHz utensils – 298 Mbit/s data
Assignment Priority : 80 MHz utensils – from tallest utensil downwards
Stint Trackwayway Elongation : 20 km
Antenna Requirements : assign to Appendix 11
1. Proposed incorporates deficiency to be coordinated with licensed world stations untrammelled in this ligament.
2. The utensil raster unreserved previously as the interleaved raster has been removed. No innovating assignments are to be made.
3. Potential restraint suspension to and from neighboring 6 GHz ligament agricultural labors.
1. Rec. ITU-R F.384-5, “Radio-quantity utensil arrangements restraint medium and tall faculty analogue or tall faculty digital radio-relay methods untrammelled in the remarkable 6 GHz ligament”.
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FX 3 Appendix 1 – RF Utensil Arrangements and Assignment Instructions October 2014
THE 6.7 GHz BAND (6425 – 7110 MHz)
1. Defence relatives required among digital methods.
Quantity Offset
Interferer Tx o Victim Rx
40 MHz p
40 MHz 40 MHz p
80 MHz 80 MHz p
40 MHz 80 MHz p
80 MHz
0 60 69
20 68 56
40 30
60 50 35
80 0 46
100 15 12
140 8 4
160 15
2. Defence relatives required among digital methods in the neighboring 6 GHz ligament.
Quantity Offset
Digital Interferer Tx o Digital Victim Rx
40 MHz p
29.65 MHz 40 MHz p
59.3 MHz 80 MHz p
29.65 MHz 80 MHz p
59.3 MHz
55.21 12
70.035 20
75.21 15
84.86 1.5
90.035 24
104.86 10
1. Defence relatives restraint digital methods are naturalized on a 50 km trackwayway elongation and PL (Percentage of period that the medium refractivity gradient in the meanest 100 m of the temperature is less than or similar to -100 N units/km) of 20. Restraint other trackwayway elongations and PL values assign to the defence relative emendation factors graph on the restraintthcoming page.
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FX 3 Appendix 1 – RF Utensil Arrangements and Assignment Instructions October 2014

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