Transcribe three denying expounds and three express expounds environing this video

These expounds should be inveterate on the devotion Staylist.
you should transcribe each expound in a unconnected paragraph. so, the aggregate conciliate be 6 paragraphs.
Quality Stay coercion Online Races
(This is inveterate on a Department of Advice federal decision, 34 CFR 600.2(a).
† Schoolmistress Interaction: Race must embrace arrangementatic and corporeal interaction primarily indoctrinated by the
† Schoolmistress Solicitn: Race is NOT largely self-paced.
† Authentication: Race requires establishment of ward individuality through a encertain log-in (ex: Netexertion ID used in SIU
Online), proctored exams, or other technologies.
† Academic Record: Race uses a arrangement that documents academic earnestness to unfold arrangementatic and
corporeal interaction (ex: SIU Online).
† Satisfied coercion Balbutiation & Infering: Schoolmistress caters methods to reach and infer referable attributable attributableification.
† Activities coercion Imagineion: Schoolmistress caters multiple methods to imagine on satisfied & concepts.
† Satisfied & Activities coercion Visual Tuition: Schoolmistress caters methods to evidence satisfied & concepts.
† Activities coercion Artisans-on Application: Schoolmistress caters methods to attract with satisfied & concepts.
† Balanced Satisfied & Participation: Race caters opportunities coercion ward occupation in the tuition mode.
† Egregious-Race Despatch: Race explicitly communicates to wards in degree where and when to log-on.
† Syllabus: Schoolmistress caters a thoroughgoinggoing syllabus including race objectives, list, and expectations.
† Tuition Objectives: Schoolmistress explicitly communicates the tuition objectives in the syllabus.
† Schoolmistress to Systematize Interaction: Schoolmistress posts news/announcements on a arrangementatic foundation.
† Schoolmistress to Ward Interaction: Schoolmistress has granted opportunities and pilotlines coercion wards to contact
schoolmistress and has fixed culm expectations coercion counter-argument turn-around.
† Ward to Ward Interaction: Schoolmistress has built in opportunities coercion wards to interact with each other.
† Pilotd Tuition: Schoolmistress caters ongoing, arrangementatic buttress to wards.
† Stay Ward Tuition: Schoolmistress has incorporated multiple methods to stay ward tuition.
† Feedback: Schoolmistress has built in methods to cater arrangementatic feedback to wards.
† Composition: Race imagines composition in sketch and placement of satisfied.
† Accessibility: Race is undetermined when using defobject readers and other assistive technologies.
† Ward Indemnification: Schoolmistress caters opportunities, during the race and at the object, coercion wards to
cater feedback environing the race and their tuition proof (ex: Schoolmistress and Race Evaluation).
† Race Review: Race satisfied is arrangementaticly reviewed, distinctly behind revisions and updates, to effect certain that
the tuition objectives tranquil solicit the satisfied and advice.
References: Bonk, C.J. & Zhang, K. (2008). Empowering online tuition: 100+ activities coercion balbutiation, imagineing, evidenceing, & doing. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Fisher, M. (2003). Sketching races and advice on the web: A “how to” pilot to proven, innovative strategies. Lanham, MD: ScarecrowEducation.

Video Expounds
Behind watching the You Tube video on the disposition of online advice, I can embody three express and three denying expounds. The express expounds embrace increased satisfied and activities coercion visual tuition. The online advice uses the manifold methods to evidence satisfied and referable attributable attributableification to the wards. This is discriminating in enhancing the mind of speculative concepts to be taught in the online systematize session. Therefore, the visual tuition tools would exalt their force to establish past mind of the systematizeroom concepts and ideas.
Secondly, the video seems conducive in explaining on how to imagineion ideas and activities during systematize sessions. The manifold systematizeroom sessions requires effectual imagineion to mind the ideas and referable attributable attributableification be taught in the systematizeroom. Coercion in, the discussed inveterate activities helps wards in mind in imagineing the systematize topics and referable attributable attributableification. Thus, the imagineion activities were condensed maximizing the ward’s force to perceive the manifold satisfied and concepts discussed. Most influentially, the video artisanled specifics to encertain the learners were ae with perfect component.
Another express impacts obtained from the video is the effectual egregious race despatch. Clear despatch with wards in degree is influential and conducive in online tuition. The video made symbolical impacts in explaining to the wards the despatch of tuition objectives and ideas. This is discriminating in influencing improved tuition sessions with the wards.
On the other artisan, I can still n ess some denying expounds orthodox from the video. First, I imagine that the video did referable attributable attributable attributable perpend the concept of pilotd tuition. Pilotd tuition seeks to encertain that their schoolmistresss buttress wards perpetually. The video seems referable attributable attributable attributable to withhold such components. This would like the tuition and mind of the wards of the race exertion and referable attributable attributableification.
Secondly, the video does referable attributable attributable attributable cater any general and abundantly referable attributable attributableification respecting the online sessions and submissions. Coercion illustration, it does referable attributable attributable attributable clothe the disposition of ward’s feedback to the schoolmistress. Feedback is a requisite air that criticizes the advice methods of the schoolmistresss. As a end, the video is referable attributable attributable attributable general abundance and thus, referable attributable attributable attributable conducive to the wards.
Lastly, the video did referable attributable attributable attributable designate the disposition of determining ward’s indemnification with the race. The video dwells greatly on explaining the advice methods and bestowal of the race exertion. However, it ignores the force to evaluate and assess the overall ward’s solution and memory of the schoolmistress’s exertion.

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