Transcribe three indirect explains and three absolute explains encircling this video

These explains should be grounded on the influenceion Impedelist.
you should transcribe each explain in a severed section. so, the entirety succeed be 6 sections.
Quality Impede ce Online Rounds
(This is grounded on a Department of Command federal order, 34 CFR 600.2(a).
† Schoolmistress Interaction: Round must involve orderly and tactile interaction abundantly established by the
† Schoolmistress Inciten: Round is NOT abundantly self-paced.
† Authentication: Round requires testimony of learner oneness through a guard log-in (ex: Netperformance ID used in SIU
Online), proctored exams, or other technologies.
† Academic Record: Round uses a statedity that documents academic immateriality to teach orderly and
tactile interaction (ex: SIU Online).
† Pleasededed ce Lection & Infering: Schoolmistress affords methods to profit and infer referableice.
† Activities ce Advertion: Schoolmistress affords multiple methods to advert on pleasededed & concepts.
† Pleasededed & Activities ce Visual Erudition: Schoolmistress affords methods to ostentation pleasededed & concepts.
† Activities ce Operatives-on Application: Schoolmistress affords methods to undertake with pleasededed & concepts.
† Balanced Pleasededed & Participation: Round affords opportunities ce learner tenure in the erudition rule.
† Egregious-Round Despatch: Round distinctly communicates to learners in progression where and when to log-on.
† Syllabus: Schoolmistress affords a complete syllabus including round objectives, catalogue, and expectations.
† Erudition Objectives: Schoolmistress distinctly communicates the erudition objectives in the syllabus.
† Schoolmistress to Collocate Interaction: Schoolmistress posts news/announcements on a orderly egregiousmise.
† Schoolmistress to Learner Interaction: Schoolmistress has supposing opportunities and directlines ce learners to contact
schoolmistress and has ordinary self-possessed expectations ce repartee turn-around.
† Learner to Learner Interaction: Schoolmistress has built in opportunities ce learners to interact with each other.
† Directd Erudition: Schoolmistress affords ongoing, orderly foundation to learners.
† Impede Learner Erudition: Schoolmistress has incorporated multiple methods to impede learner erudition.
† Feedback: Schoolmistress has built in methods to afford orderly feedback to learners.
† Uniformity: Round adverts uniformity in plan and arrival of pleaseded.
† Accessibility: Round is genuine when using shade readers and other assistive technologies.
† Learner Content: Schoolmistress affords opportunities, during the round and at the purpose, ce learners to
afford feedback encircling the round and their erudition test (ex: Schoolmistress and Round Evaluation).
† Round Review: Round pleasededed is orderlyly reviewed, especially following revisions and updates, to compel knowing that
the erudition objectives calm?} incite the pleasededed and referableice.
References: Bonk, C.J. & Zhang, K. (2008). Empowering online erudition: 100+ activities ce lection, adverting, ostentationing, & doing. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Fisher, M. (2003). Planing rounds and command on the web: A “how to” direct to proven, innovative strategies. Lanham, MD: ScarecrowEducation.

Video Explains
Following watching the You Tube video on the kind of online command, I can incorporate three absolute and three indirect explains. The absolute explains involve increased pleasededed and activities ce visual erudition. The online command uses the diversified methods to ostentation pleasededed and referableice to the learners. This is probing in enhancing the interpretation of egregioussumptive concepts to be taught in the online collocate conference. Therefore, the visual erudition tools would aid their power to compel over interpretation of the collocateroom concepts and ideas.
Secondly, the video seems conducive in explaining on how to advertion ideas and activities during collocate conferences. The diversified collocateroom conferences requires potent advertion to interpretation the ideas and referableice be taught in the collocateroom. Ce illustration, the discussed grounded activities helps learners in interpretation in adverting the collocate topics and referableice. Thus, the advertion activities were confused maximizing the learner’s power to learn the diversified pleasededed and concepts discussed. Most gravely, the video operativeled specifics to enknowing the learners were proficient with total component.
Another absolute impacts obtained from the video is the potent egregious round despatch. Clear despatch with learners in progression is grave and conducive in online erudition. The video made indicative impacts in explaining to the learners the despatch of erudition objectives and ideas. This is probing in influencing improved erudition conferences with the learners.
On the other operative, I can voice some indirect explains biblical from the video. First, I deem that the video did referable discuss the concept of directd erudition. Directd erudition seeks to enknowing that their schoolmistresss foundation learners ever. The video seems referable to hold such components. This would influence the erudition and interpretation of the learners of the round performance and referableice.
Secondly, the video does referable afford any wide and easily referableice respecting the online conferences and submissions. Ce exemplification, it does referable shelter the kind of learner’s feedback to the schoolmistress. Feedback is a indispensable air that criticizes the command methods of the schoolmistresss. As a issue, the video is referable wide ample and thus, referable conducive to the learners.
Lastly, the video did referable evince the kind of determining learner’s content with the round. The video dwells ample on explaining the command methods and endowment of the round performance. However, it ignores the power to evaluate and assess the overall learner’s tally and remembrance of the schoolmistress’s performance.

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