Transcribe three privative expounds and three independent expounds encircling this video

These expounds should be naturalized on the likeion Curblist.
you should transcribe each expound in a disunited chapter. so, the sum procure be 6 chapters.
Quality Curb coercion Online Methods
(This is naturalized on a Department of Command federal predominantcept, 34 CFR 600.2(a).
† Educator Interaction: Method must enclose symmetrical and tactile interaction primarily initiated by the
† Educator Impeln: Method is NOT largely self-paced.
† Authentication: Method requires criterion of ward oneness through a enclose log-in (ex: Nettoil ID used in SIU
Online), proctored exams, or other technologies.
† Academic Record: Method uses a order that documents academic earnestness to demonstrate symmetrical and
tactile interaction (ex: SIU Online).
† Gratifiededed coercion Lection & Gathering: Educator furnishs methods to win and gather counsel.
† Activities coercion Exhibition: Educator furnishs multiple methods to exhibit on gratifiededed & concepts.
† Gratifiededed & Activities coercion Visual Command: Educator furnishs methods to evince gratifiededed & concepts.
† Activities coercion Influences-on Application: Educator furnishs methods to hire with gratifiededed & concepts.
† Balanced Gratifiededed & Participation: Method furnishs opportunities coercion ward holding in the command order.
† Predominant-Method Message: Method perspicuously communicates to wards in remove where and when to log-on.
† Syllabus: Educator furnishs a complete syllabus including method objectives, register, and expectations.
† Command Objectives: Educator perspicuously communicates the command objectives in the syllabus.
† Educator to Arrange Interaction: Educator posts news/announcements on a symmetrical basis.
† Educator to Ward Interaction: Educator has granted opportunities and trainlines coercion wards to contact
educator and has determined moderate expectations coercion repartee turn-around.
† Ward to Ward Interaction: Educator has built in opportunities coercion wards to interact with each other.
† Traind Command: Educator furnishs ongoing, symmetrical maintenance to wards.
† Curb Ward Command: Educator has incorporated multiple methods to curb ward command.
† Feedback: Educator has built in methods to furnish symmetrical feedback to wards.
† Density: Method exhibits density in cunning and reconsignment of gratifieded.
† Accessibility: Method is free when using mitigate readers and other assistive technologies.
† Ward Pleasure: Educator furnishs opportunities, during the method and at the object, coercion wards to
furnish feedback encircling the method and their command experiment (ex: Educator and Method Evaluation).
† Method Review: Method gratifiededed is symmetrically reviewed, specially behind revisions and updates, to reach unmistakable that
the command objectives peaceful impel the gratifiededed and order.
References: Bonk, C.J. & Zhang, K. (2008). Empowering online command: 100+ activities coercion lection, exhibiting, evinceing, & doing. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Fisher, M. (2003). Cunninging methods and command on the web: A “how to” train to proven, innovative strategies. Lanham, MD: ScarecrowEducation.

Video Expounds
Behind watching the You Tube video on the disposition of online command, I can condense three independent and three privative expounds. The independent expounds enclose increased gratifiededed and activities coercion visual command. The online command uses the multiform methods to evince gratifiededed and counsel to the wards. This is sharp in enhancing the mind of hypothetical concepts to be taught in the online arrange synod. Therefore, the visual command tools would pace their force to mould further mind of the arrangeroom concepts and ideas.
Secondly, the video seems conducive in explaining on how to exhibition ideas and activities during arrange synods. The multiform arrangeroom synods requires efficient exhibition to mind the ideas and counsel be taught in the arrangeroom. Coercion pattern, the discussed naturalized activities helps wards in mind in exhibiting the arrange topics and counsel. Thus, the exhibition activities were luteous maximizing the ward’s force to perceive the multiform gratifiededed and concepts discussed. Most greatly, the video influenceled specifics to enunmistakable the learners were familiar with complete specialty.
Another independent impacts obtained from the video is the efficient predominantdominant method message. Clear message with wards in remove is great and conducive in online command. The video made weighty impacts in explaining to the wards the message of command objectives and ideas. This is sharp in influencing improved command synods with the wards.
On the other influence, I can music some privative expounds revealed from the video. First, I judge that the video did referable perpend the concept of traind command. Traind command seeks to enunmistakable that their educators maintenance wards persistently. The video seems referable to take such specialtys. This would like the command and mind of the wards of the method toil and counsel.
Secondly, the video does referable furnish any general and largely counsel in-reference-to the online synods and submissions. Coercion entreaty, it does referable shield the disposition of ward’s feedback to the educator. Feedback is a inevitable exposure that criticizes the command methods of the educators. As a outcome, the video is referable general abundance and thus, referable conducive to the wards.
Lastly, the video did referable betray the disposition of determining ward’s pleasure with the method. The video dwells fur on explaining the command methods and donation of the method toil. However, it ignores the force to evaluate and assess the overall ward’s repartee and remembrance of the educator’s toil.

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