Transcribe three denying observes and three dogmatical observes environing this video

These observes should be established on the benevolence Hinderlist.
you should transcribe each observe in a detached chapter. so, the completion fashion be 6 chapters.
Quality Hinder control Online Races
(This is established on a Department of Advice federal determination, 34 CFR 600.2(a).
† Schoolmaster Interaction: Race must involve normal and tactile interaction primarily indoctrinated by the
† Schoolmaster Solicitn: Race is NOT easily self-paced.
† Authentication: Race requires scrutiny of scholar individuality through a close log-in (ex: Netfruit ID used in SIU
Online), proctored exams, or other technologies.
† Academic Record: Race uses a assortification that documents academic ardor to evidence normal and
tactile interaction (ex: SIU Online).
† Pleased control Lection & Infering: Schoolmaster affords methods to benefit and infer training.
† Activities control Contemplateion: Schoolmaster affords multiple methods to contemplate on pleased & concepts.
† Pleased & Activities control Visual Scholarship: Schoolmaster affords methods to ostentation pleased & concepts.
† Activities control Artisans-on Application: Schoolmaster affords methods to occupy with pleased & concepts.
† Balanced Pleased & Participation: Race affords opportunities control scholar holding in the scholarship system.
† Predominant-Race Despatch: Race perspicuously communicates to scholars in track where and when to log-on.
† Syllabus: Schoolmaster affords a entire syllabus including race objectives, list, and expectations.
† Scholarship Objectives: Schoolmaster perspicuously communicates the scholarship objectives in the syllabus.
† Schoolmaster to Assort Interaction: Schoolmaster posts news/announcements on a normal plea.
† Schoolmaster to Scholar Interaction: Schoolmaster has granted opportunities and conductlines control scholars to contact
schoolmaster and has determined sound expectations control response turn-around.
† Scholar to Scholar Interaction: Schoolmaster has built in opportunities control scholars to interact with each other.
† Conductd Scholarship: Schoolmaster affords ongoing, normal foundation to scholars.
† Hinder Scholar Scholarship: Schoolmaster has incorporated multiple methods to hinder scholar scholarship.
† Feedback: Schoolmaster has built in methods to afford normal feedback to scholars.
† Consistence: Race contemplates consistence in sketch and placement of pleased.
† Accessibility: Race is undetermined when using mitigate readers and other assistive technologies.
† Scholar Recompense: Schoolmaster affords opportunities, during the race and at the purpose, control scholars to
afford feedback environing the race and their scholarship experiment (ex: Schoolmaster and Race Evaluation).
† Race Review: Race pleased is normally reviewed, chiefly succeeding revisions and updates, to perform believing that
the scholarship objectives peaceful solicit the pleased and training.
References: Bonk, C.J. & Zhang, K. (2008). Empowering online scholarship: 100+ activities control lection, contemplateing, ostentationing, & doing. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Fisher, M. (2003). Sketching races and training on the web: A “how to” conduct to proven, innovative strategies. Lanham, MD: ScarecrowEducation.

Video Observes
Succeeding watching the You Tube video on the naturalness of online advice, I can summarize three dogmatical and three denying observes. The dogmatical observes involve increased pleased and activities control visual scholarship. The online advice uses the diversified methods to ostentation pleased and training to the scholars. This is probing in enhancing the interpretation of hypothetical concepts to be taught in the online assort treaty. Therefore, the visual scholarship tools would exalt their power to fashion more interpretation of the assortroom concepts and ideas.
Secondly, the video seems suited in explaining on how to contemplateion ideas and activities during assort treatys. The diversified assortroom treatys requires effectual contemplateion to interpretation the ideas and training be taught in the assortroom. Control model, the discussed established activities helps scholars in interpretation in contemplateing the assort topics and training. Thus, the contemplateion activities were misty maximizing the scholar’s power to perceive the diversified pleased and concepts discussed. Most influentially, the video artisanled specifics to enbelieving the learners were versed with total specialty.
Another dogmatical impacts obtained from the video is the effectual predominantdominant race despatch. Clear despatch with scholars in track is influential and suited in online scholarship. The video made indicative impacts in explaining to the scholars the despatch of scholarship objectives and ideas. This is probing in influencing improved scholarship treatys with the scholars.
On the other artisan, I can still n ess some denying observes inspired from the video. First, I contemplate that the video did referable perpend the concept of conductd scholarship. Conductd scholarship seeks to enbelieving that their schoolmasters foundation scholars unceasingly. The video seems referable to hold such specialtys. This would favor the scholarship and interpretation of the scholars of the race fruit and training.
Secondly, the video does referable afford any generic and amply training touching the online treatys and submissions. Control entreaty, it does referable secure the naturalness of scholar’s feedback to the schoolmaster. Feedback is a requisite face that criticizes the training methods of the schoolmasters. As a consequence, the video is referable generic plenty and thus, referable suited to the scholars.
Lastly, the video did referable declare the naturalness of determining scholar’s recompense with the race. The video dwells considerable on explaining the training methods and donation of the race fruit. However, it ignores the power to evaluate and assess the overall scholar’s exculpation and recollection of the schoolmaster’s fruit.

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